My Adult Sex Story Will Prove That I Have the Cure to Your Ill

Have you heard of this? Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS)? Yes, this is the subject of my adult sex story. Seems there is a rare disorder that inflicts certain males after ejaculation. Symptoms can include, but not limited to: severe fatigue, irritability, anxiety, muscle pain, flu-like and allergy-like symptoms, as well as cognitive and concentration problems.  (Hell, sounds like PMS to me, lol – and guys say they don’t get PMS – HA!!)

Studies have suggested that one of the causes of this would be an allergy to one’s own semen (can you imagine?).  It is also suggested that those that are inflicted with this syndrome might seek out “new” sexual partners to reduce or even eliminate these symptoms, as in the Coolidge Effect (an excuse for a little “strange” if ever I’ve heard one).

You might be thinking by now, “Oh no, Dr. Bridgette, whatever can you do to relieve me of this infirmity?”

Glad you asked. I can see that you will need my particular brand of femdom. First, I administer a complete and thorough medical examination, complete with an anal speculum, probes and urethral sounds (hey, a girl’s gotta get her medical fetish fix somewhere, right?). Upon completion, a diagnosis of the aforementioned syndrome will be confirmed. Then finally, I will pull out my “POIS Inhibitor” (i.e. male chastity device) and secure my prescribed treatment to the offending protrusion.

I bet you’re glad for my informative adult sex story now, aren’t you?

You see, it’s quite a simple fix; you simply will not be able to squander your sperm.  I realize that the urge to ‘spank the monkey’, ‘charm the snake’, ‘flick your bic’, ‘jerk the gherkin’, etc… is a difficult one, so I will take the ability away from you, thus removing the temptation altogether.

No need to thank me, my impulse-control challenged patient. It is my medical duty to prevent such ‘self-abuse’, and prescribe a strike regiment of orgasm denial, enforced with the use of said male chastity device.



So tell me, are you feeling fatigued and irritable? Has my little adult sex story enlightened you to your possible affliction? I feel your need of a thorough examination and a fitting for my POIS Inhibitor! Just give my phone sex hotline a ring and we’ll have ourselves a little adult chat.

Your Free Sex Story & Adult Sex Story Guru,

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke