Cuckold Party!  No Cuckold’s allowed!

Cuckold party is quite the ironic name considering that cucks aren’t exactly invited to participate.  There’s a big, window where you and all of the other cucks can stand and stare into while your wives and girlfriends have fun inside with real men.  How must it feel watching complete strangers be let in simply because they passed the cock size test?  Remember all of the work you had to do in order to be allowed to catch a whiff of your girl’s pussy?  These guys barely say hello before pounding her with their massive members!

Time to stroke it out

Here’s a familiar setting.  You sitting quietly in the corner either, watching, or listening to your girlfriend get fucked by someone you’ve never seen before.  His fat cock is stretching pussy in a way that yours never could and she’s enjoying herself so much.  Unable to compete, your only choice is to pull out your pint-sized twerp and stroke it to her moans of satisfying pleasure.  Now imagine a bit of glass separating you from, not just your girl, but many girls.  And all of these girls would never, ever in a million years be interest in you.

Awww, did you cum already?

You’re not alone.  Look to the left of you and then the right.  All of those guys you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with are in the same boat as you.  They can’t please their girls either.  I mean, just look down and see.  Can you even see their dicks or are they completely hidden in their palms because they’re just so small?  The funny thing is that, even among such a pathetic crowd, you still probably don’t have the biggest dick, do you?  Yours is probably one of the tiniest ones.  And that’s why you belong out here.

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