My cuckold neighbor has a little kink for watching me..

My cuckold neighbor turned out to be a little more fun than I expected. I mean, I knew he was voyeur, and I knew how much he loves to hear me fucking someone.. and how sometimes when I played with myself and let the window open, I’d catch a glimpse of him outside, scurrying by back to his room. It was a little game we’d play..and sometimes I even let him join, but he liked watching from a distance. So I started to turn it into my little game of who I could bring over, testing to see who turned him on to watch more..

and I found something a little naughty. My cuckold neighbor has a thing for BBC. One night I finally decided to have a little more fun with it and brought over my ex-boyfriend.. a fuckbuddy who I can’t get enough of, but I’d usually always gone to his house.. So it was fresh meat for my neighbor to spy on. All 10, thick inches of fresh meat.  I don’t think he had any complaints about that one! And instead of just running the usual course and seducing him on my bed.. I went for the dirty, in-your-face approach. Up against the window. Curtains open. Lights on. It was night-time so as soon as my neighbor peeked out.. I was in his face, my juicy  tits pressed up against the class.. and a big black cock getting pounded into me. I only saw him poke his head out for a second, and I think the front row seat scared him off.. but only temporarily, because I know that naughty little fucker was still watching!

I could still hear him moaning a little, in between my own moans.. and the way he greeted me in the hallway the next morning is always his telltale. Blushing, pink and red like a tomato.. and sometimes he even pops a hard-on from how much the memory still turns him on. 😉

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali