Every little sub has them… specific cuckold needs that need to be filled.

Your cuckold needs are important. Sometimes it’s something as small as your girl being extra teasing when she’s talking about guys she’s met at work lately. Sometimes it’s being able to see her romp around in a slutty little outfit when you take her out, knowing that all the guys have their eyes on her..specially the black guys. It’s knowing that you have her for the moment, but even with your arm around her, you know someone else can swoop right in and take her.. And you wouldn’t be able to do anything, because your cock pales in comparison to his size and thickness. It doesn’t matter how big or small your cock actually is, because his will always be better.

Sometimes you may even need to get a little freaky with it.. Taking your girl out won’t be enough, you want to witness it, see it. A few guys get their little fix by knowing their girl is off cheating and they don’t mind at all..but, you have a craving for more, don’t you? You want to be laying in that same bed, playing with your cock. Imagine it now.. your cuckold needs completely met. You’re laying there, useless, turned on beyond your wildest dreams. She’s bent right over you, doggystyle. Her pussy is inches from your face, but it’s not yours. The biggest, black cock you’ve ever seen is about to fill her up.. and you know if you fuck her after he’s done, she’ll only be disappointed. He’s thicker, rougher, better at everything to do with ramming and filling her up..and you’re inches from her pussy, from his balls, the sweat is dripping and you think you can taste it..if she’d only be nice enough to let you actually help out. Your cravings are so strong you’d even consider sucking him off..taking that cock from her just so you can have it all to yourself, you dirty little slut. Tell her. If you want it that bad..if you dream about it, crave it, need it.. Let the girl go out and fuck whoever she wants and bring him home to you! You know her mischievous little heart wants it…and you’d lose your mind over it.


Come play with me.

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