Previously from Cuckold Husband Play: The Evolution of a Simple Cuckold Encounter (Pt 1)

Antonio withdrew his wet fingers, glistening with my pussy juices, and suckled them. His eyes went half mass as if he was partaking of the sweetest ambrosia on earth.  And then he uttered one word – Mine. I think that was when both myself and my cuckold husband realized we might be in over our heads with this cuckold husband play.

The story continues…

He then spun me around, ordering me to undress him. The idea of having my hands on this alpha male, the means of which I was to cuckold my husband, made my pussy gush with more of my juices.

I undid the buttons of his shirt, working my way done. As I parted the edges, my hands slid up his torso. When I reached his shoulders, I pushed the soft material off, letting it fall to the ground. Next, I slid to my knees, working one shoe and the sock off, then the matching set off the other foot.

My face was scant inches from his crotch, and the bulge there was more than impressive – it was downright daunting

After a quick glance up at him, I returned to my task at hand, first undoing the silver button, then pulling the zipper down slowly. Grasping the waistband at his hips, I pulled both his jeans and his boxer briefs down to his ankles with one swift motion.  Pulling at one calf, then the other I removed the last of his clothes.

I let my eyes drink him in, pausing at the intimidating size and girth of his cock. After an audible gulp, I forced my eyes to continue up, finally meeting his gaze. He was looking back at me as if he had been studying me intently taking in all I had done.

His hand went to under my chin, lifting it, and he smiled, letting me know I had pleased him. It made me giggle inside, happy that I had pleased him – what the hell was that?? That was not me. I don’t react like some insipid school girl, gauging my worth by the reaction of a man. But there it was, I wanted, even needed to please this man. Ugggh… I was turning into one of those girls.

Despite my personal thrashing, I wanted this man, his cock, and everything it promised.  I turned my head to the side for a quick glance at my husband, and I could see not only his deep arousal but almost a look of surprise at my submission to this man. This was a cuckold sex story like no other. And I wasn’t the only one who knew this was not par for the course with me during my cuckold husband play.

Antonio grasped my chin harsh, turning my head to him, forcing my eyes to lock with his.

“He doesn’t exist. He is nothing and you will give me all your attention. Are we clear?” The look and sound of his command gave no sway to his meaning. He was to be the center of my world. Period. I nodded, but he insisted I answer verbally. For some reason, I couldn’t deny this alpha male. He was right – this was no longer about my cuckold husband.

He took a moment, then simply told me to suck his cock. I licked my lips without thought as I grabbed his thick cock with one hand, and nestled his balls in the palm of my other hand. Then I drew my tongue over the crest, and the slit of his throbbing cock.

When I parted my lips to pull him into my waiting mouth, I think all three of us groaned. Antonio with the feel of my hot mouth encapsulating his huge cock, me with the sweet taste of him, and my cuckold husband, watching me partake of an action I refused to do to him.

Just when I thought I was going to be able to taste him coming down my throat, he pulled me up by my shoulders. He tossed me on the bed like I weighed nothing, and growled something about it being his turn.

He spread my legs wide, ripped my panties off of me, and just gazed for a moment at my slick pussy. I had never been so wet – certainly never with my cuckold of a husband. Antonio pressed his nose into my wet folds, inhaling deeply, then gave a long slow lick with his tongue. He then looked up and locked his eyes with mine.

“You don’t cum without my permission, is that understood? You wait until I command you. If you do, there will be consequences… and punishments.”

I was in a haze of need, and I would have agreed to anything at that point. That’s when I shook my head in capitulation, and he just grinned back at me. I swear, there was this wicked glint in his eye as if I had fallen straight into his trap.

He started to devour my pussy, pressing and circling my sensitive clit with his thumb, and his tongue. All the while his fingers were pounding in and out of my pussy. I even felt him slide one finger into my tight sphincter, adding to the insane mix of sensations.

I was on overload, and there was no way to halt the tidal wave of an orgasm that was guaranteed to explode in seconds. It was all-consuming, pulled from the very depths of my soul.  There was no stopping in, and truth be told, I didn’t want to.

When my senses came back online, the reality of what just happened started to slowly seep in. And as I came down from the most intense climax I had ever experienced, a devilish smile expanded across his face.  I couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing. But I knew that both myself and my cuckold husband were going to find out with this particular cuckold husband play.


… to be continued…

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