The Neighborhood Street Party Turns into a Perfectly Delicious Cuckold Sex Story

You might remember me telling you about my neighbor Bob – my very “handy’ neighbor that fixes all sorts of things around my house (including me, hehehe). And you might recall how I’ve been cuckolding my husband with him. Well, things have certainly heated up since then. Let me explain in my latest cuckold sex story …

You see, my neighborhood is a very tight-knit group. And every spring we have a sort of block party, with a big BBQ to celebrate the warmer weather and welcome the start of spring with a big bang. The street gets corralled off, and we get several grills set up in the middle of the street with all the food scattered on various tables.

We have one neighbor, Jerry, who’s in charge of the music. He always will get his sound system set up and he fills the air with festive music. The neighborhood kids are always running around playing, and there’s always at least one game of basketball going on in someone’s driveway. Of course, at some point, water balloons and water cannons (along with a garden hose or two) make an appearance and everyone screeches in fun, as mayhem explodes.

A perfect backdrop for a cheating wife in a very naughty cuckold sex story

All and all, it’s a fun time to reconnect after everyone has been stuck inside, hibernating the winter months away.  And with the warm weather blossoming, things couldn’t be more perfect – especially this year.  Because this year Bob and I have started seeing each other on the side.

 I know, cuckolding my husband isn’t very lady-like, but quite honestly, he leaves me alone for days at a time, and when he is home, he’s not very attentive. Bob on the other hand – oh he is very attentive, attending to all my carnal needs and desires.  And getting more and more bold with every passing day.

So, come the day of our neighborhood BBQ, Bob was being very “attentive” – a brushing arm against my breasts here, a lingering hand across my ass there, him leaning over me, nuzzling my neck and taking in my scent. He even slipped a finger in my sopping pussy at one point as I was bending over once. God, he was just incorrigible – exactly how I liked him.

Now at this point, I should mention that several houses were “open” to everyone. And as such, certain ones were designated as “public bathrooms”, others as food prep stations, and so on. So, people were coming and going in everyone else’s houses was a common sight.

A wicked little thought entered my mind. I whispered to Bob that he should meet me at Angie’s house in five minutes. (FYI – Angie lived two houses down, and she’s a bit of a bitch, to be honest).  He looked at me with raised eyebrows, and I looked at him with such a devious grin, he knew at once what I had in mind.

Such a wicked way to kick my cuckold sex story up a notch

I wanted to “christen” Angie’s bed, and let her stew about who “defiled” her precious bed – two birds, one stone I figured.  And the thrill and adrenaline rush from the prospect of getting caught? Bonus!!

Five minutes later, we are both in Angie’s bedroom, ripping at our clothes, not being able to get enough of each other.  We have the door closed, but there’s no lock on the door. We can hear muffled voices coming from the other room, but at that point, all we could think about was getting his cock buried balls deep inside my drenched pussy.  Oh yeah, we were gonna make one hell of a mess on Angie’s bed, that was never in doubt.


The question was if we were gonna get caught doing the nasty or not.

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