My Hubby loves to see me get fucked. Seems he was born for cuckold husband play. And as luck would have it, I love to cuck him as well. I get to have unlimited access to all the cock I will ever want (or need), and he gets to get off on it. Sounds like a win/win situation, right? I always thought so.

Now hubby and I like to peruse the sex ads, the hook-up sites, looking for that next sexual encounter. We’re always upfront about what we seek – male to fuck wife with husband watching. And we both agree on who I will contact. But let’s be serious, it’s my opinion that’s paramount in this situation.

Once a potential bed partner is chosen, we make sure that all parties are compatible. After that, we always make sure what the ground rules are. What my limits are, what my husband’s limits are, and of course what the male-at-the-moment’s limits are.

I had found this one guy that was like a Latino God during my perusal of potential sex partners. Tall, dark, and muscular, with a cock that would put a bull to shame. Antonio was his name. Though he was polite, there was definitely an undertone of alpha male about him.

Perfect for a bit of cuckold husband play

He instructed me as to what he wanted me to wear for our first official face to face. He was never harsh with his instructions, but he made it clear in not so many words that I should not disobey him. Furthermore, he made it clear that he would be taking control of the evening in question. If I had any reservations, that maybe we should rethink our meeting.

Gotta say I loved the way he took command of the situation and the way he let his alpha male control all aspects of our little get-together. And it made me wet and my pussy pulsated in anticipation.

So, on the eventful night, I greeted him at the door in a black corset with red accents, matching thing, as well as thigh highs and fuck-me heels. Just as he instructed. He was even more impressive in person; much more everything in person. And to think, my cuckold husband approved of this mountain of a man to fuck me. For one brief moment, I thought maybe I was in over my head with this one.

How true those words were going to turn out to be…

Antonio stepped inside, his eyes drinking me in, feasting on me in my scant outfit that he chose for me.  With a slow twirling motion with his fingers, he had my turn for him. Halfway through my display, he moved close to me.

That’s when I felt him press himself against my back, my ass, his heavy cock making its presence known to both of us.  A soft growl bubbled up from deep inside him, strong and breathy against my ear. He let me know in no uncertain terms, that he approved of my acquiescence to his instructions.

Meanwhile, in a low growl of a voice, and his lips pressed against my ear, he told me to lead him to the bedroom. God, everything about this male made me vibrate with lust, with need. This was sooo not like me. I ruled the roost ordinarily.  Consequently, I said what was to happen and what was not going to happen. I decided who I fucked and how. In fact, it was my way or the highway.  Notably, though,  all of that seemed to fly out the window with this alpha male. What did he ask of me again? Oh yes, the bedroom.

I pulled myself out of my lust induced haze long enough to show him the way to the bedroom

There, my cuckold of a husband waited. His hand was already wrapped around his insignificant cock while he was perched on a padded stool, naked.  It was already weeping in anticipation.

Antonio locked eyes with my husband and stood close behind me. Then he made an exaggerated movement to inhale through his nose, taking in the scent of me. Furthermore, looking over my shoulder, addressing my husband, he told him how sweet I smelled. Of how I was already desperate to have his cock inside me.

“Her pussy weeps for me, my touch, my cock.  Not for you. Not for your touch, not for your cock.”

Then he dipped two fingers inside my drenched cunt, my greedy pussy instinctively squeezing around his digits. He never looked away from my husband, a clear challenge as he staked his claim.

Antonio withdrew his wet fingers, glistening with my pussy juices, and suckled them. His eyes went half-mass as if he was partaking of the sweetest ambrosia on earth.  And then he uttered one word – Mine.

I think that was when both my cuckold husband and I realized we might be in over our heads with this cuckold husband play.

…to be continued…


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