Cuckold Humiliation

My ex-husband had NO clue what he was walking into when he came home that evening. Not only was he about to find out that I had been cheating on him with his best friend. But, I had orchestrated the ultimate cuckold humiliation. My husband was going to watch his best friend fuck his wife’s pussy in a way that he could only dream of doing!

As his footsteps grew louder, I pushed his friend down onto the bed. Sitting in his lap, my legs wrapped around his body. I kissed him sensually; slowly making my way down to his neck. My husband was unknowingly walking into my devious trap. After a few minutes, I looked towards my left and saw my husband. He was standing behind the door, peeking through the crack, watching us with a confused look on his face.

I laughed when I saw him standing there, he looked so weak and pathetic. I summoned him to come inside and stand in the corner of the room. Like a good little sissy cuckold, he did everything that I told him to do! “Now, take off your pants! I want to see that teeny, tiny little cock”, I said sternly. His best friend and I laughed hysterically. His dick was hard and a measly 2 inches.

Now he’s MY little dick Sissy Cuckold!

Turning towards his friend, giggling I said; “now you know what I have had to deal with all of these years.” Who could blame me for becoming a slutty cheating wife? My husband had a dick smaller than a toddler. No man can properly please a woman with a dick that small!

Disgusted with my husband, I threw a pair of my satin panties towards him. “Put those on, you little sissy!” As he pulled my panties on, he looked just like a little girl. Standing there in the corner, wearing my panties. His dick was so small that you wouldn’t even know that he was a male. I cannot call him a “man” because he is anything but a man!

Grinning from ear to ear, I said to him; “Now, you’re going to stand there and watch. I want you to see how your best friend, a real man, fucks your wife’s pussy.”

If you haven’t already read the first part of my cuckold story, you should definitely check it out! And afterward, read about how I turned my husband into my BBC Cuckold.



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