I Made Him My Little Cuckold Bitch

In my last blog, I asked you to tell me your confessions. Well, now it’s time that I tell you mine…I forced my pathetic excuse of an ex-husband into my very own little cuckold.

I was so tired of being the secretive cheating wife who had to sneak behind her husbands back just so that I could get laid. But the honest truth is, the sissy fag boy had a teeny tiny dick and I was in dire need of a good fucking. Just so that it is clear…

my pussy craved a big, thick, hard cock to give it the proper pounding that I had been begging for.

Now, I know you are over there feeling bad for the loser; but contrary to what you may believe, we women have needs too, dammit! We yearn to feel that sweet release as our body convulses uncontrollably, breathlessly climaxing to new heights. The problem was, my husband just couldn’t do that for me.

Eventually, I grew tired of sneaking behind my husband’s back and fucking other men. So one day, I called his best friend (whom I’d been secretly fucking for months) over to our house. I told him that I thought it would be so fucking hot if my husband came home from work and caught his wife cheating on him with his best friend! The idea of humiliating my husband made his cock rock-hard, he was totally on board!

I had him come over when I knew that my husband would be coming home from work. Before my husband showed up, I led his friend upstairs to our bedroom. Wearing a sexy red embroidered bra, a red lace thong with a black garter, and black sheer thigh highs; my legs looked fucking phenomenal in my black ‘fuck me’ heels.

As I got down on my knees, ready to put that throbbing cock in my mouth, I heard my husband come in through the front door. My husband yelled out, “Brittany, where are you, honey?” With a mischievous grin on my face, I yelled back; “I’m upstairs in the bedroom waiting for you…”

Curious about what happened next? You can read about the Cuckold Humiliation I put my husband through. And, if that wasn’t enough; you can find out how I turned him into a BBC Cuckold too.


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