Cuckold Fantasy: Watch Me Fuck Your Best Friend!

A man who is willing to let his girlfriend or wife have sex with other people for their own pleasure is so hot to me. Since me and my boyfriend started dating I keep having this cuckold fantasy where I fuck his best friend. Harrison enjoys being cuckolded by me only if the other guy is a complete stranger. But this time I wanted to switch it up and make my cuckold fantasy come true. Late one night when Harrison was coming to my house for dinner I told him invite his friend Pete as well. When they came I had dinner all prepared. I wanted everything to be perfect so I could make my cuckold fantasy happen. After we got done eating dinner I poured us some drinks and we headed to the living to chat.

I really enjoy cuckolding men,

Harrison and Pete started reminiscing about there old times. So I thought it would be a perfect time to bring up my cuckold fantasy I’ve been craving. That’s when I said so Harrison why don’t we invite Pete upstairs to have even more fun. Harrison gave a look like he knew I had something up my sleeve. Pete clueless to what was about to happen followed us up the stairs. When we got into my room I told Harrison to go sit and wait for me to call him over. Harrison smiling went over to the seat that was waiting for him. I asked Pete if he’s ever wanted to do something kinky as I was massaging the bulge in his pants.

He was getting harder and harder. Barely able to respond to me he said yes of course. Which made me grin super big. That’s when I got on my knees and unbuckled his pants and pulled them off. Pete was rock hard his cock was standing straight up just for me.

This is exactly how imagined my cuckold fantasy

Once I got his pants off I looked over to Harrison to make sure he was watching. As I climbed on top of his friend and started riding him nice and slow make sure I felt every inch of him inside of me. I could tell Pete was enjoying himself by all the moans and groans he kept letting out. I could feel Pete growing inside of which made me start riding him faster and harder.

Pete was enjoying how fast I was riding him, He started gripping my hips up and pounding his cock inside of me. That’s when Pete said, “I’m about to cum!” I gripped his cock with my pussy and told him to cum inside of me. Pete stopped moving my body and I felt him squirt his yummy cum deep inside of me. Once he slid his cock out of me I could feel his sticky load dripping out that’s when I called Harrison over. I told Harrison to get down on his knees and clean up all the cum his friend left inside of me. When he was done I said to him, I know you liked watching me fuck your best friend!

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