Cum Fetish: The More Cum I See The Happier I’ll Be!

I have to admit I have a serious cum fetish. I enjoy feeling a mans hot creamy cum dripping off me. The more cum I can get the better. The first time I found out I had a cum fetish I was a senior year in high school. Donny was the boy I was seeing for most of my senior year.

A few days before graduation the senior threw a party huge end of the year party. Only seniors and upper class men were invited. When I got to the party it was packed I spotted Donny in the kitchen by the drinks. When I got to him he had a drink already made for me. He handed me the drink and told me he had a surprise for me.

After a few drinks,

Donny and I went upstairs to one of the spare rooms that were in the house. When we got upstairs he told me to have a seat on the bed. He came down in front of me and slid my panties off. He parted my legs and slid his tongue up against my clit. My pussy instantly got wet. Donny started giving me the best oral sex I ever had. After he was done eating me out.

We ended up getting on the floor he was on top of me kissing me pressing his cock up against my pussy. He told me he wanted to fuck me doggy style so I got on all fours and poked my ass out in the air for him. He came up behind me and slowly guided his cock in me. After a few slow pumps Donny started picking up the pace he was pounding my pussy so hard and fast. He was giving it to me nice and deep with every stroke. I could feel his balls getting tighter every time he pounded up against me.

 I could tell he was about to cum.

That’s when he asked me if he could cum anywhere he wanted and I told him I did not care. He pulled his cock out of me and told me to turn around. His cum shot out all over my face and chest, Donny gave me a yummy cum shower and I loved it. Ever since that day, I realized I had a huge cum fetish I just can’t help myself.

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