In this cuckold fantasy, you’re going to see what a real cock could do for a woman, things your purposeless little bitch dick could never do!!

I know what sick little cuckold fantasy you dream of!  You want a woman to take control because you know how pointless that little useless protrusion in between your legs is!  Just imagine, for a moment, walking into me sliding up and down a long, strong cock…as a result that little skin flap will instantly get stiff, won’t it?  You would be mesmerized by how well he fills my sweet little pussy because you could never fill me like that, could you?

I stop bouncing on his cock and instantly start laughing at that shocked, stupid look on your face!  Did you really think I was content with that hopeless little tic tac dick?  First of all, I would never get off on little pixie penis you’re packing! Even in your cuckold fantasy, you know that little nanocock would never do anything for me!!

Hence, why I’ll push you down on the bed next to us and tell you to look closely at what a real cock is.

 Look at how huge he is, notice how my hand barely fits around it, look at how veiny and swollen it is! In contrast, You could only dream of that fucking pants pinky getting me as wet as his cock is!  Lean down closer, you little fucking cuck!  I bet your one-inch wonder is rock hard, right now, huh?  Your little fetish is watching real cocks fuck tight little pussies, isn’t it?  Keep reading because this cuckold fantasy is only going to get you stiffer!!

Get down and suck that huge cock!  Wrap your lips around it and force it all the way down your throat!  You will, won’t you?  Because you’re a good little cock-sucking sissy boy!  You love being our little pansy boy, don’t you?  Seems like you might as well have a pussy with that oversized boy-clit you have!  Show him how much of a weak little bitch you are! 

You probably want to taste how much I came on his big, throbbing cock!  

Your little dicklet has never felt my pussy gush, and it never will!  Get your head down and watch how much he can make me cum!   I want you to feel my pussy spray splash from his cock onto your face, understand, Mr. Tiny Dick? You may rub you two-inch grinch while this horse cock pounds into my pretty little pussy!  You like seeing my pussy gush for him don’t you, you’re just excited to actually see a pussy gush first-hand, aren’t you?   I bet your she-meat is throbbing!  You love this cuckold fantasy, don’t you?  Call me tonite and I will finish you off!


Your little cock is throbbing to hear more of this cuckold fantasy, isn’t it!  

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