Everyone has a fetish, you just love getting your nuts terrorized, don’t you fagboy?

I have this fetish, I love making little sissy’s balls sting with a passion for hours.  Something gets my pussy wet every time I hear a little fag as you squeal in pain! I love sliding on my red, sharp stilettos on and turning you into my bitch!  I want you to come in and take your pants down and use your balls as my punching bag. My whole body relishes in hearing you groan as I slap, hit, step, poke, prod, and completely pummel those weak, sensitive little sacks between your legs!

I would make you pull your balls out and start to smack them with my black, leather riding crop.  Laughing at you watching me do everything I can to see you squirm as my crop bounces those feeble nuts back inside you.  Then just as your balls are turning beet red, I will have you lay down in my little bitch boy box.   I will put the top over you and yank that nutsack through the nut hole. 

Listen close to me poking and prodding those balls gently. 

Making you anticipate when I will finally start mauling your balls.  I will traipse around the linoleum top.  Making you wonder when I’m going to make your balls singe with pain.  Then, when I finally hear you breathing heavy in my box, I’ll kick those jewels until you’re begging for me to stop.  I know your sick fetish makes your cock rock hard, so I’m not done with you, yet!

I will take my stiletto heel and start stabbing them into those delicate little bean bags.  Trying to poke through your nut sack savoring the sight of seeing my sharpened heels turn red with your blood. I want to pop them like bulging, red little water balloons.  Waiting for you to you cry like the little queer bitch you are!  I will bring you to the edge and make you beg for more.  If you’re lucky, I will make your useless little ass cum all over those pretty stilettos. Then, I’ll make your sniffling little ass lick them, like the cum-eating fag we both know you are!!  We both know, all the girls are scared of your ball-busting fetish, but my pussy is dripping thinking of bruising those balls!!


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