cuckold fantasy are hot with C.J.He asked me about my deepest, darkest fantasies

My boyfriend and I were having one of those intimate discussions that you can sometimes have after sex. When you feel really close with someone and vulnerable and want to share things you otherwise wouldn’t. He asked me about my deepest, darkest fantasies. And the one that first came to my mind is his good looking friend. I’ve masturbated so many times thinking of him and even as I was having sex with my boyfriend, I’ve thought about it being his friend who was fucking me. I asked if he’d ever had any type of cuckold fantasy and he asked why. I replied I always found your best friend very attractive and I’d love to fuck him. He said he’d actually fantasized about watching me with another guy but he wasn’t sure I’d go for that. So he’d remained quiet about it.

My Boyfriend  Sat In The Corner And Watched

He spoke to his friend and asked him if he’d have any interest in being a part of our little cuckold fantasy. And he said yes, he’d love to participate. So we set a night and had some dinner and drinks and then the fun began. My boyfriend sat in the corner. His friend and I got on the bed and started to strip off one another’s clothes and kiss very passionately. It wasn’t long before we practically forgot we were even being watched, we were so into one another. I happened to glance over and saw my boyfriend stroking himself as we fucked.

I Was Turned On Thinking We Were Being Watched Like This

His friend had a big cock and he filled my pussy nicely. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and held him tightly. He was hitting my cunt just right as he pounded me and I was getting closer to orgasm with every thrust. I was turned on thinking we were being watched like this. We changed positions and he was on his back and I was riding him.I was going up and down, gliding on that hard shaft. I saw my boyfriend move out of the corner of my eye to go to the foot of the bed. Now he could get a good view of that cock slipping in and out of my shaved cunt. And I even leaned forward on his friend, bracing my hands on his shoulders to give my boyfriend a better view from behind.

It Was A Cuckold Fantasy I Never Thought Would Happen

I could hear him breathing heavy over my shoulder, and I just kept riding his friend. I was grinding my clit right against the base of his cock and I was going to explode soon with that big cock inside. A few more pumps and I was on my way to orgasm. And I screamed out in ecstasy as I came. I felt the cock in my pussy drain itself into me and I just laid there on top of him. I was catching my breath as he remained inside of me. We all had cum together, and this was a cuckold fantasy I’d never expected to happen. But was glad it had. It was likely just a one time thing, but its memory would live on.

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