I Wondered Why He Always Brought His Friend Along With Us On Our Dates

This new guy I’ve been seeing was a bit different. The first few dates we went on he brought his friend with him, which was kind of odd. I liked the friend and all, but still. I wasn’t planning on the three of us going out to dinner and a movie and then drinks. One night after the three of us had been out yet again. We went back to my place for some drinks. And I finally got the clear picture of what waC.J. has a cuckolds going on. The guy I’d been seeing was a cuckold. He was bringing the other guy along in case he was going to get lucky. They would be switched at the last minute. Kind of odd, but hey, everyone has their kinks.

He Was A Cuckold And I Was Ready To Play With His Friend

I’d never dated a cuckold before. But he told me how much he loved watching a woman get pleasured by another guy. In this case his friend and would I by any chance be willing to do that for him? Well his friend was good looking, there was no doubt about it. And he had a good sized bulge in his pants as well, so I knew he was packin’ down there. I agreed and he smiled from ear to ear. He sat in a nearby chair in the corner of my bedroom. As I started to get friendly with his friend that was always along on our dates.

He Watched Me As I Sucked And Drooled All Over His Cock

I sat him on the edge of the bed and knelt before him and I took his cock out. And I started to lick the head of it and sucked it and drooled all over it. My cuckold boyfriend was watching very intently as I sucked off his friend. And he started to stoke his cock and was really getting aroused watching me blow  his friend. I then got on the bed and he pulled all my clothes off and was soon on top of me. Fucking my brains out as the cuckold in the corner was watching and drooling. This was kind of fun, really.

It Was So Hot Being Watched As I Fucked His Buddy

I kept looking over at him as we were fucking and carrying on. And you could smell the sex in the air, it was so hot. He was moaning as I approached my orgasm and I was breathing harder and harder. I could feel an orgasm welling up within me. I’d never been watched while having sex before and this was all new to me. The whole night had been odd with the cuckold revelation. Now fucking his friend, and yet I wanted to be fucking this guy. He was sexy and somehow it just felt right. I came explosively, and I looked over at him right in the eye. And he squirted his load all over his leg and then I felt his friend go off inside of me.

He got off of me, and my boyfriend came over and asked if he could go down on me . And lick the cum out of my pussy. He’d never ask to fuck me he said. He knew he was unworthy, but he wondered if I might allow him to be my cleanup boy. I said yes and he went down on me. And brought me to another orgasm as he did. It was an unusual turn of events. But it was fun and I enjoyed it. Maybe having a cuckold for a boyfriend might not be so bad after all.

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