I’m not sure why I always seem to get involved n cuckold relationships, but I do. My looks attract wealthy men, and I’ve found a sad trait wealthy men often share, tiny dicks. You see, when a guy realizes in his teens he’s never going to possess a great cock and be a decent lover, he knows he’s going to have to have other qualities to attract women other than a big penis, success is often one thing tiny men go after. They know they can’t ever have that big penis, so they decide they will do well for themselves and get women that way, even if only as arm candy.

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I’ve dated lots of doctors and lawyers and really, they seem smaller than the average guy usually cock wise. So they get women by being able to pay for lots of nice stuff. As great as nice things are, you get so you’re craving more, and a big cock is one of those things. So you find yourself cheating with less well off guys that are hung like horses. Many times these successful guys know their partners are just going to take other lovers, so they willingly accept the role as cuckold. Some like to just hear about your exploits with the other men, but most want to watch. Watch you get fucked by other men since they are inadequately sized to do so.

This guy I’m seeing is a doctor and he has a two inch penis. He makes hundreds of thousands a year, but can he please a woman in the bedroom? Orally only. His little nub is a joke and he knows it. I brought home a friend of mine last week, and he was ok with us being watched, and he fucked me so hard the whole bed shook and my boyfriend was watching with his eyes as big as saucers from the other side of the room, rubbing his little nub as I got plowed by a ten inch cock, literally five times the size of his.

The whole room smelled of our sex and the echoes of my squishy sounding pussy noises, it was pretty fucking hot and after my lover left three huge loads inside of me and left, I sat on my boyfriends face and he gobbled down every drop of that cum, still warm from my lovers balls. His nubbin stood straight up, it looked like a Christmas tree bulb, lol, I laughed at its size as he lapped out all the cream from between my pussy lips.

He rubbed his tiny dick and I laughed at him and said he’d only ever be a cuckold with that sized dick and he said he knew that, but he loved eating pussy and had acquired quite a taste for cum. I think it’s not going to be long until I’ve got him sucking cock and swallowing loads from the source, like a true cuckold. We shall see. I have another date in three days, maybe I will encourage some cocksucking at that point.

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