Cuckold fantasy came true by accident.

How does a cuckold fantasy come true by accident you ask? Well, let me tell you. Michael and I were at dinner when all of a sudden his phone chimed. As he picked it up and looked at is his facial expression drastically changed. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He turned the phone to me so I could see, Right there in my face was a message on his tumbler app that said I would tap that ass. Along with the message was a picture of a big black cock. We decided to mess around with him for a little bit while we wait for our food.

I thought he wanted to tap Michaels ass But he really wanted mine.

I didn’t realize that Michaels picture was a picture of my ass. We sent a bunch of pics back and forth. By the time dinner was over we had plans to meet at a hotel room. He agreed with the help of me to make Michaels cuckold fantasy cum true. As we walked into the room he was already there and naked. His huge cock looked bigger in person.

Damn, I am going to gag on that.

Michael got undressed and sat in the chair right in front of the bed so he could get a good view of me trying to please the biggest cock I have ever had in my life. I began to suck it and take it all the way down. As it went past the back of my throat my eyes began to water and I gagged a little but I was handling it like a pro. He flipped me over on all fours and licked me from my pussy to my asshole. Michael was enjou=ying his cuckold fantasy as he was watching. Looking over at him I could see his dick getting harder and harder.

He watched my tight little asshole get fucked by a tongue.

Inserting his BBC into my pussy it felt like he was stretching my insides. I didn’t think he could fit inside of me. He grabbed my hair and fucked me so hard that I thought he was going to leave me with bruises from pounding me so hard. If you want to hear how the cuckold fantasy ended call me for some hot phone sex. Until then I think I need to get some new sex toys. Maybe a BBC. Wink Wink.

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