I don’t know why I keep finding little dick guys to date

I don’t know why I keep finding little dick guys to date. But it seems the last few have certainly been undersized in the dick department. They have all had one thing in common though as well as their small cock sizes. They all enjoy seeing me with another man, which I have no problem with whatsoever. I’m not going to be deprived because they come up short in the cock area. I tell them all right off the bat if they have a small one I will be continuing to see other guys on the side. And that usually results in a real boner for them when they realize I will still be fucking other men. Which Means that they will become a cuckold.Dana loves cuckold stories

I Dated A Few Cuckolds

Cuckold has become a natural state for my relationships. Most times they don’t just not mind, they want to watch and even participate in the fucking. Some having the desire to fluff the other guy’s cock and even lick the cum out of my pussy afterwards. It just depends how kinky they are, some are into one aspect of cuckold, but not others, some just want to watch. One just liked to listen and would sit outside the bedroom door. He would listen to my shrieks of passion as I was getting fucked by another guy in our bed. The sounds alone were enough to make him blow his little load, he didn’t even need to witness it.

He was more than happy to fuck me as my boyfriend watched

I kind of like it to be honest. I feel like I can “show off” a bit and put on a bit of a performance, lol, that’s me, the porn star with an audience of one! It certainly lets you know what gets guys going when the one watching is giving you feedback. And egging you on to go for, take that big dick and stretch myself out for it. It’s kind of fun.

Last night I had a cuckold encounter with a new guy. My boyfriend asked if I’d met anyone new, since he likes to see me with several different guys. Not just the same old one, so I said yes, I had a new guy in mind. And once I explained things to him, he was more than happy to fuck me as my boyfriend watched. He just totally ignored him and fucked me very well as if we were alone. But I could see the odd movement out of the corner of my eye as my boyfriend was masturbating watching me fuck another man 

This New Guy Had A Lovely Cock

I tried not to let it distract me, and it didn’t for the most part. But the first time you’re always a bit on edge, to see how it goes. It went well, the new guy had a lovely cock that really filled me up. And I rode him hard while my boyfriend was kneeling on the floor at the end of the bed. He was watching up close, his face less than two feet from my cunt getting fucked.

I know he could literally see the drops of cunt juice dripping out of me. And he was going to lick me out when my new friend left. I was left with a huge load in me, and after my friend came and left, I was being eaten out. The warm cum still dripping from me and him lapping up every precious drop of it, it was hot. So I don’t mind a small dicked boyfriend, cuckold can be very good for some sexual variety.

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