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This new guy I’ve been seeing, he’s a real sweetheart. But sadly there’s one thing that is an issue. His small cock. It’s only two inches long when hard. There’s really nothing there to fuck me with. He knows this and all his relationships have been cuckold ones because of it. He’s fabulous at licking pussy and it’s a good thing.dana has a cuckold Since that’s really the only sexual contact we have. He likes to lick the cum out of my pussy after guys with big cocks have fucked me. And he’s a very good clean up boy.

This Was A Hot Idea

He asked me right after we met if I’d be open to a cuckold arrangement. And I’d not given such a thing much thought before, all my previous boyfriends had decent sized cocks. But he was such a wonderful man otherwise, I thought I could give this new arrangement a try. And it’s worked out very well. Last night one of my guy friends came over, we’ve been fuck buddies before many times.  He was fine with being watched, so the three of us went into the bedroom. And my boyfriend sat in a chair a few feet away. And he watched as I got fucked, and well, by my friend.

His Face Was Right In Our Crotches

He was stroking his little nub and watching. He practically drooled watching my friends dick glide in and out of my creamy pussy. I switched positions and got on all fours and he asked if he come closer to get a more close-up view and I said sure. My friend didn’t mind, so my cuckold boyfriend came and practically had his face in our crotches, lol. It was kind of funny, really, but he was so turned on. You could hear the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh with every thrust. I was so wet, the squishy sounds from my pussy were really turning him on a lot.

The Wetness Was Dripping Down The Insides Of My Thighs

He was almost whimpering as I got closer and closer to cumming. And the wetness was dripping down the insides of my thighs and all of a sudden I came explosively. And then I felt shots of cum going off inside of me and my cuckold boyfriend gasped. He watched it all up close. It wasn’t long until my friend left and I was laying, hair all mussed up. And exhausted after such a sex session, laying on my back, cum oozing out of my spent cunt and he was soon between my legs lapping it out.

I could feel my open cunt lips being sucked into his mouth. And I didn’t think I could cum again after such a powerful orgasm as I’d just had. But his magic tongue was soon going to town bringing my clit once more to attention. And he sucked at it and licked at it and I was soon grabbing his hair and pushing his face right into my wet snatch and a few more flicks of his tongue and I was cumming yet again. I lay there panting, enjoying my evening of debauchery and I was glad to have a cuckold boyfriend, this was working out quite well. Call me and let’s get into some freaky adult chat !

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