Cuckold Captions Rock!

Cuckold captions alone have been known to make wimpy little pricks explode without ever being touched.  I’m sure you’re used to your premature little rocket taking off like that.  Have you ever gone to fuck your wife or girlfriend when she got home after a night of partying, only to spread her legs and discover one or multiple hot loads oozing their way out of her snatch?  There are only three things a true cuck would do in that situation 1) fuck her hot pussy anyway and feel all of that strange cum ooze all over your cock with each thrust until your pathetic little cuck shot joins their cum. 2) eat her pussy clean until there’s not a single sperm left.  Those in denial might convince yourself you’re only doing it to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant rather than admit you like the taste of superior seed. 3) All of the above, you sick and nasty perv!

“I’m sorry honey! Ohh (so thick)! But -Ah!- you always said we -MMmmm!- needed more black friends!”
“Baby, if you’re going to eat all that cum out, you’ve really got to get in there.  One guy I fucked was at least 13 inches long!”
“You’re actually trying?!  Honey, I can barely feel that.  Looks like I’m going to have to call one of my boyfriends again.”
“Sweetie, you didn’t even make it inside me before busting your nut all over my pussy lips.  I think it’s only right you clean me up and make it nice and tidy down there for the next gentleman.”
“My husband’s only 3 1/2 inches.  Hahaha I guess that would literally make him a quarter of the man you are!”

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