Bi Cuckold?  No Problem!

Being a bi cuckold isn’t a bad thing, baby.  It allows us girls to do what we’ve secretly always wanted to do — have multiple boyfriends at once!  Inside every good girl is a bad girl who just hasn’t had the right fat cock yet.  Once they do, they’ll never stop wanting it, even after they’ve met a nice guy like you.  Sorry to break it to those guys who don’t think bigger is better.  It most definitely is, as the bi cuckold’s reading this will attest to it.

We Both Want The Same Thing

You want it.  I want it.  Why pretend otherwise?  Not only do big cocks feel better but they taste better, too.  And sucking cock is twice as satisfying when you’re choking down a hard, pulsing monster, ready to explode.  Some of you cucks wouldn’t even make it past this point.  It’s not your fault you can’t last.  Hell, your girlfriend probably wouldn’t last against the right cock but, thank heaven for multiple orgasms.

If there’s a guy or guys there to give it to your girlfriend long and hard, that takes the pressure off of you!  She benefits from your short ‘cummings’ and that’s what’s important.  After all…

We Know You Want To See Us Happy

The looks on our faces when taking in a thick hot cock or two alone get you off, doesn’t it?  You like when we feel good and you’re helping us feel good by stepping aside and letting the real men work.  And, if you’re good, you get a nice creampie milkshake afterward.  Or maybe something even better — a nice thick cock up your own ass.  After all, taking on multiple cocks is a big job.  To have someone there to prep each one with their own dick-sucking lips and boy pussy would definitely be a plus.

Cuckold phonesex