Cuckold anal, It’s not fun unless we are both getting fucked!

Cuckold anal, It’s not fun unless we are both getting fucked! We have been together too long probably about a decade and things are lacking. Your tiny cock hasn’t made me cum in years and I have just had enough of the lack of pleasure. So one day we decide to have a BBQ and you invited one of your co-workers who are probably the sexiest black man I have ever seen in my life. We all eat and have a good time and I couldn’t help but flirt with tall dark and handsome the entire time. Everyone was almost finished when he decided to get up, he excused himself and went off to the bathroom.

Naturally, I took that as a sign to follow him because… I wanted his cock inside me tonight. I walk into the bathroom where he is waiting for me his button-up shirt unbuttoned. It was just enough to show that amazingly toned body underneath. His pants were unbuttoned in that way that I just knew he wanted me to tear them off.  I went to him and kissed him feeling his big lips against mine was just what I needed. He slid his hands into my shorts and started to rub my soaking wet pussy.

Cuckold anal, It’s not fun unless we are both getting fucked!

I have not been so turned on in so long I came all over his fingers, my body shuddering from the aftershock. I got on my knees and pulled out his big brown snake of a cock and started to suck it. That is when my hubby of many boring years walked in, his eyes grew wide as he realized there was a massive BBC down his wife’s throat. He was so pissed he started to yell but tall dark and handsome stepped in and told him to get on his knees too. Stunned and unsure of what to do he was speechless. “Come on baby,” I said as I looked at him, “You haven’t been able to please me in years at least you can do this for me!”

He got on his knees like a good cuckold fagot cock loving bitch. We were side by side sharing his BBC, that’s when he pulled his cock from our mouths and came behind us. That’s when he got behind my husband and started to fuck his ass hard and deep.

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