The Cuckold Alternative Lifestyle will change the way you think about sex. I know you think about it and how it would change your life.  Sometimes you need a sexy Mistress to push your limits. Bryan was one of my new projects that needed a push into the Cuckold Alternative Lifestyle.

After hearing about many of my sexy hot adventures he became very curious about the Cuckold Alternative Lifestyle.  Just the thought of him watching as men fucked me piqued his curiosity. I couldn’t resist pushing his limits.  Many times I would cage his cock and not allow him to receive any pleasure, as he worshipped my perfect sweetheart ass.

Tonight was one of those nights I was feeling generous. We all know, my ass and pussy are reserved for the finest cocks.  Yes, I’m a size queen and only the best cocks get to fuck me. Bryan would begin his training in the Cuckold Alternative Lifestyle. Finally being allowed to witness and participate.

My fuck buddy Tyrone arrived in time to satisfy my sexual craving.  His big black cock was magical. This was the perfect time to teach Bryan a lesson.  I couldn’t resist teasing my caged cuckie.  Tyrone released his cock and forced my cuckie to be his fluffer. I was so excited watching, as he took all 10 inches down his throat. Above all sucking every inch deep into his mouth, as he prepared to feed it into my hungry hole.

It didn’t take long before he positioned himself beneath my body in a 69 position. Completing his task, as he alternated back and forth from cock to ass. I particularly liked the way his tongue fucked my ass to get it ready.  His mouth was the perfect lube for Tyrone’s cock.  Within moments he was ready to feed all 10 inches into my puckered ass. It was the perfect treat for him.  He watched closely as the big nigger cock slid in and out of my ass.

Furthermore fucking me effortlessly, it didn’t take long his balls to tighten up and explode. There’s nothing better than experiencing Sizzling Hot Sex. He released what felt like a gallon of cum deep inside me.  In any case, my cuckold knew exactly what to do.  Still hard he took the BBC into his mouth and licked it clean.  Savoring the taste of his cum, as my ass juices dripped off his cock.  So then without prompting, he laid his head down, as I lowered my cum filled creampie ass on to his face.  He licked every last drop as if it was his last meal here on earth. In any event, this was just the beginning of a long exciting night for all of us.



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