Interracial Sex Stories Are Best

Interracial sex stories, if you couldn’t tell by now, are my fucking specialty– specifically black on white interracial sex stories.  Maybe an innocent little white girl doesn’t know any better until she feels that massive meat pierce her pussy for the first time.  Or maybe wifey gets a taste of what a nice thick, black cock can offer her after being married to and only having sex with her husband.  Or maybe even hubby spots one and can’t help salivating a little at the sight of it.  Door number three is what we’re here to talk about today.

It starts out harmless enough.  You’re really, really into interracial porn.  You dismiss it as just a preference and think no more about it.  That is, until you realize you’re paying far more attention to the cocks than the pussies.  All the shit-talking one guy does about tiny white cock turns you on so much and, even though it doesn’t happen in the porno, he brings up having the woman’s boyfriend on his knees next to her, helping her suck his giant dong.

You Don’t Want To Call Yourself A Fag But…

Why do the girls have to have all of the fun?  You find yourself playing with your asshole while watching white pussy getting pounded by some dark meat.  Your imagination wanders and you imagine her moans of ecstasy are your own.  Eventually, your finger doesn’t cut it.  You need something bigger.  Thicker. Longer.  You’re nervous at check out when you place your first 8-inch dildo and lube onto the counter.  You drop that it’s for your wife (as if the store clerk cares) and then bolt home to try it out.

All Of Those Wasted Hours…

…only jacking off when you could have been jerking it and riding it at the same time.  Your masturbation sessions have exploded with pleasure now.  Sometimes, you cum without even touching your puny cock, which you’ve excepted to be inferior to the hot hogs you watch while playing with yourself.  Still, it’s only natural to want even more.  The only thing stopping you in the past was the insistence that not only were you not gay, but your cock was adequate.  You’ve accepted the truth now and know that it would only take one craigslist post for all of your dreams to cum true.

So what are you waiting for, faggot?  Go make a far better dick happy.  Learn what cum tastes like and get addicted.  Share your tight asshole with the world, baby!  Don’t be shy.  Crystal will give you some fag sex therapy until you’re ready.