Cream Pie Lovers are Hot

Cream pie lovers are the best. I’ve dated lots of guys that were good at pussy eating luckily, but this latest one I’ve been seeing likes to takes things a bit further. He asked after we slept together the first time if I liked being eaten out after he’d fucked and cum inside of me, cream pie. I said I didn’t mind it, I knew some guys were really into their own cum. So he asked if he could go down on me and lick me since he’d just filled me up with his sticky, gooey load. I said I’d be delighted.

Cream Pie Pussy

He wriggled down between my thighs and ate me with a passion he never had before. I could tell he was really into cream pies and if he was this much more enthusiastic about it, then he could have it anytime he wanted. He asked if I’d sit on his face, since although he got most out with me laying on my back and spread open wide for him, if I straddled his face gravity would help even more, and I could feel great gobs of it plopping into his waiting, open mouth as it slid onto his tongue and down his throat. He swallowed it down with relish.

I was bucking my hips back and forth, doing my best to sort of shake the cum out of my pussy and I looked back over my shoulder and could see he was rock hard again as he licked me. He took my clit between his teeth and worked the tip of his tongue over it and then slithered it back into my pussy to get every last drop of his jizz out of me. I humped his face and even laughed for a moment wondering if he was getting enough air, but I could still feel his tongue moving, so figured he was fine. His face clamped between my thighs, his tongue working its magic on my cream pie pussy, it was heaven! I knew he was going wild as he tasted himself and it didn’t take long for me to cum again with his cream pie pussy licking skills. He was having as much fun as I was and he licked me clean.

His face looked like a glazed donut he was so covered in his own and my juices after I hopped off his face and decided to reward him with a sloppy blow job. I took his cock in my mouth and drooled all over it getting it all slick and bobbed my head up and down, encircling the head of his cock with my tongue, swirling it around and around and it wasn’t long until he came in my mouth and even though normally I’d swallow, I thought he’d appreciate it all the more if I came up and gave him a snowball kiss and he loved it, we shared his cum and passionately kissed each other and licked his cum off each others lips and savored every sweet drop. If his wanting cream pies made him this much better at licking pussy, I was all for it.

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