Good friends always share their cream pie!

My gorgeous friend Sheri and I went to San Diego one weekend to visit Oliver, an old boyfriend of mine.  Well, we went for the beaches, the shopping and the restaurants but Oliver had offered to pay our travel expenses so obviously, I took him up on that.   He also gave us a cream pie to share, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Sheri and I found a great restaurant with an outside patio and ordered drink after drink.  Oliver joined us soon after and picked up the tab, of course. The three of us were too drunk to drive anywhere else, so we decided to walk back to our hotel, which was only two blocks away.

As soon as we got to the room, Sheri undressed to her panties and bra and collapsed on the bed, passed out drunk.  Oliver and I laughed and had a bit of fun playing with her tits and giving her gentle wedgies as she slept.  

Oliver told me how much he had missed fucking me.  He kissed me and soon his hands were all over me.  To be honest, I missed fucking him just as much.  My pussy twitched as he kissed my neck and shoulders and soon I was naked.    

He ate my pussy as he fingered my ass.  I was moaning loudly and was surprised I didn’t wake the sleeping Sheri.  I came on his tongue and then he took his dick and rubbed it against my throbbing pussy lips.  He slid it inside of me and began to pump his dick hard and fast, squeezing my tit with one hand and pulling my hair with the other.  Oliver always liked it a bit rough and I loved it.  He pinched my nipple as he came inside of me and I felt his cock pulsating as he emptied his load into me leaving me with a gooey cream pie.  

He left about an hour later and that’s about the time Sheri started to wake up.   I told her all about Oliver fucking me on one side of the bed while she slept on the other.  She laughed and said she was sorry she missed out.

“Maybe you didn’t completely miss out.” I said as I climbed on top of Sheri.  I lowered my pussy onto hers and began to grind my wet lips against hers.  I rocked my hips back and forth until she felt the wet and sticky cum dripping out of my pussy and smearing all over her cunt lips.  She moved her hips around in circles and we shared the cream pie, spreading it all over.

I then slid my finger into my pussy and pulled out another glob of cum and I rubbed it all over one of her nipples.  He came so much and gave me such a huge cream pie, that I was able to scoop out more and rubbed it all over her tits.  I gave her a cream pie rub down.   When I was finished, her two big and lovely tits were shiny and sticky.    

Good friends share everything.  When a girl gets a cream pie, it’s nice to pass it along.

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