Wild Sex At The Halloween Partycrazy sex stories with C.J.

I’ve got lots of crazy sex stories, I’m sure most of us do. But I went to this early Halloween party this weekend and had a fabulous time. The hostess had requested all guests dress as some sort of animal. I went as a sexy cat, I had ears and a tail and a sexy, tight costume. There was another cat at the party as well, a man dressed as a tiger. And I went over and talked to him. He’d had this elaborate body makeup done with stripes, it was amazing. He and I struck up a conversation and things turned pretty raunchy quickly. And we were talking about who we’d already fucked at the party, since most of us knew most of the others there.

I Stripped Off My Costume

It didn’t take long before he asked me if I’d like to fuck him. And that he was a great lover and I was horny, so why not? We wandered off to one of the bedrooms and I started making purring sounds and he laughed. And He said I was a naughty girl. I had a feeling there were some other crazy sex stories going on in other rooms that the party was being held in. But this one going on right now was the one that had my attention. I stripped out of my costume and most of his costume was painted on. Yet it had been set with some spray stuff so it wouldn’t easily smear. I ran my hands down his painted, stripped body and grabbed his cock.

 In The Dim Light He Looked Like A Real Tiger

He had a nice hard cock and I knew I wanted it inside of me. I stroked it a few times and then lowered my mouth down onto it. And I began sucking away on his shaft and felt my cunt growing wet as I worked away on him. I knew in a matter of moments it would be sliding into me. And I was working him over with my tongue getting it as hard as I could. He lay on his back and I mounted him, looking down in the dim light at his tiger body painted body. With the light so dim, only with the light streaming in the window. He almost looked like a real tiger might had they been laying on their back on the bed.

 It Was The Perfect Ending To A Fun Party

I eased myself down on his cock and got a good rhythm going. And was just rocking back and forth on top of him, feeling his cock twitch inside of me. I leaned forward so my tits were in his face. My hardened nipples at his lips and he sucked on one of the erect tips, driving me wild. I loved to feel him deep in my pussy and he growled with pleasure as we fucked. I soon was panting as I grew closer to orgasm and he started to buck his hips upwards. And I came as he did so, and then I felt his seed shoot inside of me and we lay there panting. It was a perfect ending to a fun party. I momentarily wondered about the other crazy sex stories going on. But I’d cum hard and was happy with that.

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