Read My Crazy Sex Stories Excerpt About An Adult Summer Camp Where Anything Goes!

Do you remember some of your wildest crazy sex stories?  Some of our experiences are young sex stories and others are more adult in experiences.  I’m sure we all do.  Many of those hot stories shaped our sexual lives.  Some of these stories make for great retelling during taboo phone sex with our phone sex girls.

I went to a summer camp as a hot teen.  I know you think boring.  It was really fun.  I met lots of friends and even had a summer crush up there.  We were all saddened when we became too old to go there any longer.  Then an exciting announcement came to our mail that they would be hosting one adult session per summer.  The session would be far shorter but the same fun at our old romping grounds.

A lot of our friends filled out the application and we all got to be in the same cabin.  It was coed.  This would be the greatest few days anyone could ever imagine.  One night we were all in our cabins enjoying the evening.  Then one day one of our friends suggested Truth or Dare.  We all groaned because we had played this childish game as teens.  Our friend assured us this would be like no other we had ever played.

Most of the girls chose to dare.  

I grew bored.  I chose to dare.  By this time even two of the guy counselors had joined.  Even though we were adults the counselors were stuck up at camp so they were enjoying not having to watch young ones.  One of my friends dared me to kiss one of the counselors.  I got up and put my arms around the guy counselor.  He was cute with brown eyes and long curly shoulder-length hair.  The kiss went on for long moments.  Our tongues danced in sexy play.  My arms held onto him tightly.  When our lips parted, he stepped back weakly.

During the night I remember one of the guys dared our guy friend to lick one of my girlfriend’s pussies.  He knelt down by the bunk bed and parted her legs gently.  Her breath quickened as his tongue found that magical spot and parted her pussy lips.  His tongue circled her button.  Her hips rocked up and down as she let out erotic moans of lust.  My own pussy got very moist.  We all watched fixed.  They didn’t stop their fun.  He kept licking her over and over again.  She fell against me and I started to massage her breasts telling her to let go and let her pussy cum.  I kissed her lips in a hot act of passion.  She screamed out splitting the silence of the docile night.  Her body shook as she came over and over again wetting his face with her juices.

This night was just the beginning of our adventures that started with a simple game.  

We had a great time up at camp but I know we all looked forward to night when we would all get together and play.  Wouldn’t you love to hear more about our naughty time up at camp?  Did this crazy sex story excerpt make you crave some hot phone sex to play out some of your teen fantasies?

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