Young Sex Stories Curiosity Turns Into A Kinky Revelation of Discovery!

Ahhh young sex stories!  Everyone has a xxx sex stories memory!  Don’t we sometimes look back on babysitter sex stories and other moments and think about our own lives growing up?  Back when I was growing up, we played outdoors.  We started with innocent games of tag and running and romping.  What leads us down the path of sexual curiosity?  Is it an unexplained attraction to things we shouldn’t do or perhaps we get bored of the simple things and want to learn something different and exciting?  Age play phone sex was not as public as it is now, but that doesn’t mean we sure didn’t get into our own trouble.

My family has always been more open-minded than most families.  We often delve into things at an earlier age.  My nephew Todd learned his footing very fast.  One day he met a girl named Carla.  They went to school together.  At first this surprised me because boys at that age are usually afraid to go near girls for fear of cooties.  One day my nephew Todd sat down with me to tell me some confidential stuff.  He told me lots of stuff.  Guess he figured I wouldn’t tell.

Todd told me about Carla. She was a tall girl with dirty blonde wavy hair and a sexy body.   I assumed they were friends.  They were so much more than friends!  After school, he would go over to Carl’s house to study.  They would hang out in her room.  She would turn on the music and they would sit close together on top of her bed with their school books out.  The mom thought this was “so cute.”

One day they were studying about health and skipped to a page about sex.  

They peered at the pages with a mixture of fascination and disgust.  When we think of young sex stories we never seem to remember a feeling of disgust just pleasure.  As Carla read about what men and women do to get a family, she started looking at Todd.  Not wanting to make any family, Todd jumped up and went to a sitting position on her bed.  Carla said it would be fun and that her brother likes to feel good even if he isn’t making a family.

Carla pushed my nephew back as she worked to undo his pants.  She was greeted by his rod sticking out hard in his underwear.  She poked and prodded his cock with her fingers lightly teasing him till pre cum stained his underwear.  This only made Carla hotter.  She pulled down her shorts and you could see her pussy with some hairs on it growing on her lips.  His eyes grew wide.  She mounted his face and instructed him to eat her pussy. She was holding onto the wall for support.

I was so horny hearing this story I didn’t realize I was grinding my thighs together.  He could sense my agitation.   Todd pulled my skirt up and slid my panties off while continuing to tell the story.  He slowly started to lick her moist pussy as she rode his face.  His tongue licked in a slow circle up and down her swollen clit.  My nephew parted my lips as I panted asking him to keep going.  In his story, he licked me as he licked Carla enjoying her flesh and prodding her to excitement.  I screamed out my excitement as I held onto Todd’s head and told him he was a good boy.  He made my pussy cum so good over and over he caressed my clit with his soft tongue.

As I settled down out of my climax I asked Todd what happened next.  

He told me she spread her legs on the bed and offered herself to him.  He’ll never forget the moment of penetration of how wet she was and how her pussy squeezed and milled his dick.  I smiled and kissed Todd softly.  What a story this would be to tell later during a hot round of phone sex.  He turned out the lights casting the room into darkness.  Through the little light that was cast into the room a shadow of Todd could be seen mounting a hot aunt to continue their young sex stories play.

When you think of young sex stories does it bring up those stirring memories of your own self-discovery?  I have so much more to share with you!  Are you ready for some cock throbbing taboo phone sex?

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