Crazy sex stories can always get crazier.

On that day that I went to visit my grandpa in the nursing home I never intended to end up in crazy sex stories that consisted of an old mans wrinkled soft limp dick in my mouth. Never expecting that door to open when it did I must have looked like a deer caught in the head lights. Still having his cock in my mouth and glancing at the door creaking open.

 I knew I was busted.

Nurse Ashley was standing there staring at me. I didn’t say a word. I didn’t know what to say. What she said next floored me. Asking him whose mouth he likes his limp dick in his mouth better had me confused. Did she give him a blow job before? Asking her what that meant, she replied that she comes in about once a week to suck on his dick before bed. I was so shocked. The whole time this was going on Carlos sat there with a grin from ear to ear. Ashley kneeled down next to me and said let’s do this so we both get paid. Confused again I asked about getting paid. Yes, we get $25 for blowing him for 10 min.

 We both start licking and sucking.

Our tongues were caressing each other as they were moving around his cock. Ashley would suck on his cock as I would lick and nibble on his balls. He was moaning with pleasure even though his dick was still soft. I knew in my heart that he was happy and he was really enjoying this. Even though to look at his limp dick you would disagree with my statement.

I left that man $50 less and a smile that no one could take from him. For some of the best phone sex, you can call me. I am available for all of your hardcore sex stories also.

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