Crazy sex stories about cheating spouses

So it definitely one of my favorite crazy sex stories. It happened a couple of months ago while me, my husband, Beth and her husband were at our favorite restaurant. We sat at our table, ordered a bottle of wine and were reviewing the menu for our dinner choice. I must of had one glass to many because I was a little tipsy. His hand rested on my thigh and I saw a different look in his eyes. Shocked and confused, I assumed the wine was responsible. Nudging his hand off my thigh, I went back to engaging in the conversation. He watched and stared as I laughed at my husbands jokes. Moments later his hand is back on my thigh. I try and pretend I don’t notice but I know now he is aware of his actions.

His hands slip up my skirt

He made no specials moves beyond touching my thigh at first. As time passed we had more wine and his hand slipped inside my skirt. I stay quiet to avoid conflict mostly but the other part of me is curious. The irony sets in that I’m actually not wearing panties and here he is feeling me up under the table. His hand keeps getting higher up and then he too realizes I’m not wearing panties. He slides his fingers inside me, fingering me under the table. I try keeping my composure and keep engaging while he secretly fingers me in front of his wife and my husband. It was so hard to hide the amazing feeling I felt. When the feeling becomes too intense I excuse myself and head into the ladies room.

He shoves me back into the stall

After gathering my composure I get ready to head back to the table. As I open the door he shoves me back inside the bathroom and into the stall. He is kissing me hard, running his hands through my hair, and pressing his crotch against my body. I feel he hard, and whispering in my hear how bad he wants me. It feels so good I pull out his dick and he fucks me against the wall of the bathroom stall. His cock thrusting into me hard, his mouth against mine, his tongues against mine. It was so hot! I completely lost myself with him. Afterwards I open the bathroom stall door as Beth enters into the bathroom.

I had apparently worried them with my absence. Luckily I managed to rush her off without her seeing someone was with me. A few more minutes pass and her husband returns back to the table. We find ourselves glancing over at one another through the night. Probably the most intense heart pounding public sex moments ever. Do you have any similar crazy sex stories? I’ll admit I have no guilt about being the cheating wife. I have all kinds of crazy sex stories for all your adult phone chat desires. From public masturbation to kinky taboos.

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