Kinky Crazy Sex Stories and Traditions From Around the World

Crazy sex stories get even crazier when you travel across the globe (or back in time). From cum eating to kinky blood baths, check out some of the most deviant and most perverse crazy sex stories and traditions that I’ve ever read about!

I. The Sambians: The Cum Eating Tribe (Papua, New Guinea)

Yep, you read that right. Young boys aren’t allowed to interact with women for ten years from the ages of seven to seventeen to “remove any sort of contamination”. During this decade, rituals include skin piercing, nose bleeds and self-induced vomiting. And let’s not forget ingesting the semen of their elders. While I completely agree that cum eating is hot (and healthy!),  I’d have to see what these “elders” look like before partaking in their cum eating orgy!

II. Bloody Sexy Rituals (Saut d’Eau, Haiti)

Have a voyeuristic penchant? Head over to the waterfalls of Saut d’Eau in Haiti during the month of July. You may just stumble across a gang of naked people practicing voodoo to worship the Goddess of Love. Let me paint you a quick scene here. Picture nude bodies twisting, crawling, oozing in a mix of mud and blood from sacrificed goats and cows. Now before rip your clothes off and jump in there, watch out: the heads of goats and cows are also tossed into that hot mess! Kinda creepy…but maybe a bit kinky too if you’re into that sort of stuff?

III. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt: Public Masturbation

You probably know that the Nile was considered sacred in times of Ancient Egypt. But according to the Egyptians, the God of Creation would routinely ejaculate into the Nile to ensure its ebb and flow. So the pharaohs made a habit of jacking off into the Nile, in order for their strong sperm to assure water would always be plentiful. As a result, men began masturbating in public during festivals held to celebrate the pharaohs’ sexual potency.

Now that’s a festival I would have LOVED to attend! Me and my cum fetish and all…!

How’s that for crazy sex stories? Pretty out there, right? Definitely call me at 1-888-413-5974 to act out any of the above deviant traditions…or to fulfill whatever perverse, wicked taboo phone sex fantasy you have. And don’t worry – your chances of scaring me away are non-existent, as you can probably tell!