My mountain getaway led to some crazy outdoor sex!

I’m an adventurous girl by nature. I’ll try anything once! And I do mean anything. So deciding spur of the moment to go camping alone didn’t seem like a big deal. I would have some time to myself. Breathe in the fresh air. And much to my surprise, have some crazy outdoor sex.

I had my bag packed and it was time to get off the grid. I had a backpack with just the essentials. No one was going to be around so all I needed was a tent, a blanket, and a fresh pair of panties. I got in my car and headed north. It was mountain time!

Crazy outdoor sex was not in the plan

A few hours later, I was at my destination. Boy, was it desolate. I hadn’t seen another car on the road for miles. Let alone another person. I parked on the side of the road and trekked into the woods. Never in a million years would I expect to bump into someone, let alone have crazy outdoor sex!

After I set up camp it was time to have fun! I hiked down to the river and stripped. Because nothing feels better than fresh water on my naked body! The sun was beating down on me. The birds were chirping. I ran my hands through the water and over my breasts. Then I heard branches cracking nearby.

I expected a wild animal…

Certainly not another person, all the way out there. I looked over and saw a man walking out of the trees, his camping gear strapped to his back. Who can tell who was more shocked? I don’t know if it was me being caught completely naked in the river. Or if it was him stumbling upon me. Either way, I had to get back to land.

I didn’t even bother covering myself up. After all, we were in the wilderness. I waded out of the water and walked right up to him. My tits were glistening with water. He could see every hair on my pussy. However, the bulge in his pants happened almost instantly.

Next thing I knew, crazy outdoor sex was on my mind

He was putting his gear down and taking his shirt off. My mouth dropped as I looked at his toned body. He dropped his shorts to the ground revealing a giant, hard cock. Crazy outdoor sex wasn’t on the itinerary, but it was all I was thinking about then.

He pulled my naked body toward him. I pressed myself against him as he kissed me. I loved taboo public sex, but this was my first time fucking in the wilderness. Taking my hand, he led it right to his cock. As a result, I started stroking. Somehow, he got even harder.

I needed some crazy outdoor sex, right then, right there

Dropping down to my knees, I took that rock-hard cock in my mouth. Of course, I looked up at him. Still, he threw his head back as he thrust that dick right to the back of my mouth. As I gagged, he grabbed the back of my hair and made me take it all in.

Finally, I was ready for more, and he knew it. After a few moments, he took his cock out of my mouth. As a result, he pulled me up. Promptly, he threw me right against a tree. Sliding his cock up and down my ass crack, he pushed my legs open. It only took a second for him to slide his hard rod into my tight wet pussy.

Because we were in the middle of nowhere…

No one could hear me as I began moaning. My pussy was being pounded as he was pressing me against the tree. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. He began rubbing my clit with his other hand, before he exploded inside of me and filled me with cum. Still, I kept pushing my ass back against his body, his cock felt so good.

I can’t wait to tell you more about my kinky outdoor adventures. Call me for the best phone sex!

Crazy Outdoor Sex