I can’t stop thinking about taboo public sex!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a very dirty girl who is constantly thinking about sex. Particularly, when I’m going to have it next, who I’m going to be having it with, and where we are going to be doing it. I can go on and on. Add the element of taboo – forget it. I wake up and masturbate to the idea of taboo public sex.

It was a beautiful day

It was a perfect Sunday.  Sunny and warm. So naturally, I grabbed my hot horny neighbor and asked him to come to the park with me. We walked a few blocks to my favorite park and laid down a blanket. As soon as we sat down, I pulled out a bottle of wine.  I live in a city, so, the park was busy.  Plenty of other city dwellers wanted to get out of their apartments and enjoy the sunshine together.

I immediately was turned on

As soon as I saw eyes turn our way, I knew what I wanted to do. Taboo public sex has been my fantasy for far too long. The idea that I could be riding a throbbing hard cock in front of other people- sign me up! I poured my neighbor’s glass of wine very full.  Maybe he’d need some convincing.

Luckily, I dressed appropriately

I had a little sundress on (my favorite spring attire), and when no one was looking our way, I slipped my panties off and threw them at my neighbor.  He caught them and looked at me wide-eyed and said, “No way.” He could read my mind.

No one tells me what to do

I laughed and immediately crawled my way over to him. Playfully, I pushed him down on his back and straddled his waist. Then I carefully spread my sundress over him and slipped my hand underneath. It only took a minute before I had his zipper undone.  And it took only seconds after for his cock to be in my hand.

No one was the wiser

Everyone was occupied doing their own thing. I took that throbbing dick and slid it right into my wet pussy.  Finally, I was having the taboo public sex I’d fantasized about.  I pulled him up so it looked like I was just sitting on his lap.  Lots of other couples were loving on each other and it looked like I was doing the same.

Little did they know

Soon, I started rocking my hips back and forth, feeling his cock deep inside my pussy. I couldn’t help myself and started to moan. He felt so good inside me. He put his hand over my mouth in an attempt to stop me. Instead, it just drew stares.

This was all I ever wanted

I quieted myself and looked around. Some people were still glancing our way, others weren’t. I started to ride up and down on that hard dick knowing he would cum in just a second. Maybe he was against taboo public sex, but my pussy would convince him otherwise. I felt his cock harden inside of me. His eyes closed tight and his teeth clenched. Moments later, I felt that hot load of cum shoot deep inside of me.

Want to have some taboo phone sex?  Call me!

Taboo Public Sex