“The craziest place I have had a sexual encounter?” is what I answered after I had a guy ask me yesterday where the craziest place I have ever had a sexual encounter with someone was. I had to sit there and think for a moment. I have done it in so many public places that I really couldn’t decide. I have had done it doggy-style in the front seat and the back seat of a car. Also in the front seat and the back seat of a pickup truck in front of a fast food restaurant. I have been fucked really good in a restaurant kitchen, freezer, and fridge (My nipples stayed hard from the coldness). I’ve done it on a park table underneath the open moonlight and I have been fucked like crazy in the middle of a crowded bar at midnight (I have no idea how nobody noticed us). Ridden someone in a VIP room? Check! Got down and dirty in a public bathroom? Check! A subway car in New York City? A woman’s dressing room in a lingerie store? On a sandy beach under the twinkling stars? You guessed it! Check, check, and double check!!!

So the real question I think is this: Where would I desire to get my kink on, but haven’t tried yet? One place that makes my pussy moist just thinking about it is if I was to have sex on a tropical island behind a waterfall. I just think it would be so romantic, intimate, and kinky. Like the ultimate paradise in a romance novel. Here’s how it would go: There is this man kissing my lips furiously, causing them to swell from his lips pressing mine really hard. He nibbles and kisses my ears and neck and then trailing his lips to my collar bone, hitting the spots that make my knees week. He then turns me around bending me over a rock, tugging my hair, slowly sticking his cock inside my pussy. Filling me from behind is so animalistic yet romantic as you hear the waterfall hit the rocks in front of you. Anyone could just walk up on us while we were in the act and we would never know they were watching us until it was too late, until we saw them staring at us as they come though the water. It makes my panties wet right now just thinking of it as I sit here and write this entry.

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