Licking all of his sweet young boy cum off my thigh, had me wanting much more of Brian’s virgin cock.

In fact, after our sexy cum session, we both decided to jump in the swimming pool to cool down. Indeed, a wonderful and sexy decision!  As a matter of fact, we were both naked from our first sexual encounter, making a quick dip erotically inviting. I watched Brian jump in the water as I hung back for a minute. My perverse mind wouldn’t calm down, making my mouth salivate, craving young boy cum even more. I had to chill out…as I jumped in the pool I saw his naked body swimming under the water. To emphasize, my young neighbor boy was still rock hard. I swam towards him underwater, grabbing a hold of his beautiful young cock. Twisting my hand around Brian’s cock had him squealing in excitement, as he bounced up and down playfully.

Under those circumstances, how could I not be craving young boy cum, it’s right here!

We were kissing hard and deep in the pool, finding ourselves up against the pool wall. Wanting so badly to feel Brian inside of me, I guided his hand to my wet pussy. Pushing his middle finger around my dripping wet cunt had me shaking. He started thrusting it in deeper while sucking on my hard nipples. Ahhh, fuck he had me moaning hard as I  grabbed ahold of his pulsating cock, stroking him slowly. Brian whispered, can I fuck you now Ms Fallon? Since the start of our brunch date, he’s been calling me Ms Fallon or ma’am, driving me mad.

I expressed to Brian numerous times, I appreciate your manners, but please just call me Fallon.

I quickly popped out of the pool, planting my ass on the side. Trying to grab Brian’s naked body, pulling him up on my lap for a much-needed spanking. He was so slippery, making it hard to pull him up on my wet, naked lap. I had him sliding up and down my legs, as my hand began spanking his tight, white booty! Teasing him, I’ve warned you enough not to call that Brian! While he giggled, trying to squirm away from my hand. I could tell it began to hurt him, as a red handprint covered his right butt cheek. Finally letting him go, I crawled my naked body to the grass, falling on my back. As I watched him pull his sexy, naked body out of the pool, collapsing next to me on the grass.

My juicy cunt needing to feel his soft touch again, just craving young boy cum!

Watching as he brought his fingers up to my tit’s, trailing back and forth, squeezing them, pinching my nipples. Brian, intently teasing my sweet pussy as I felt it pounding hard between my legs. Hearing his soft voice tell me how pretty my pussy is. I pushed him down on his back, straddling his gorgeous baby face. Slowly grazing my pussy lips over his mouth, up to his short, turned-up nose. Wanting this new neighbor of mine smelling and tasting my delicious cum craving cunt. Shivers cover my body as his warm wet tongue discovers my warm wet crevices. Thus, groaning loudly how I taste divine. I insist, yes baby boy, your naughty neighbor lady has the pussy of a Goddess! For this reason, he’ll always crave and never forget my delectable flavor.

Bending my naked body forward, sealing my lips around his tip, craving young boy cum.

Slicing my sharp tongue into Brian’s piss hole, my lips began slurping up his cotton candy-tasting pre-cum. WTF, his young boy cum could certainly be addicting to my palate. I bring my lips to his, making my new friend taste his incredible flavor. I began grinding my wet pussy over his jolting teen cock, lubing him with my sweet cunt juice. By this time, we’ve locked eyes, as I push Brian’s head to the mouth of my warm pussy. Whispering in his ear, I want to ride your big, thick dick baby boy! He begs me to fuck him. Not stopping myself from ramming down on his cock, squeezing my cunt, as I bounce up and down.

Fucking him hard, thrashing my long hair over his face, while he was pinching my hard nipples.

My dripping wet pussy was fucking his cock balls deep. While watching his gorgeous face moan in pleasure. Brian asked me in the sweetest, most innocent voice, Fallon can I cum? I replied, yes, baby, my horny pussy is craving your young boy cum! At that instant, I felt his cock explode. The warm flood of his sweet cum filling my cunt was mind blowing. Making me orgasm with my new fuck friend, he was shaking as I was contracting around his throbbing dick. Sucking every drop of Brian’s sweet sperm into my snatch. Exhausted, my sweaty body feel onto his, tasting his tongue in my mouth, mmm, I want his cum! While we were kissing, I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. Telling him, “honey plant your lips around my cunt and suck our cum out for me. Feed it to me Brian, I’m craving young boy cum.

That’s exactly what my sweet boy did y’all! Like a fucking pro, he dove between my legs, diving his tongue in. Bringing his load up to my mouth, feeding me that delicious young boy cum I crave!

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