When learning new neighbors are moving in next to you can be exciting. Especially if  losing major dickweeds you’ve had to deal with for years.

That was certainly my situation, a whole other motherfuckin’ story! These people couldn’t be any worse than the scum that just moved out. Waiting anxiously, they finally make their presence! A nice SUV and a convertible Spider roll up, ugh, I was hoping for some Muscle. I see the dad jump out of his fancy fucking car, mom’s out now too. Then I see a young man step out of the back seat. Mmmm, damn boy, come visit mommy, was my first thought! The next perverted thought…immoral mommy seducing my new young neighbor boy.

Immoral mommy seducing my new neighbor had my hands rubbing together, evil giggle, and my pussy pounding!

The moving truck pulled in minutes later, perfect time to sit out on my patio with a cocktail. Being noisy, watching how they work together. First, noticing mom and dad’s affection for one another, long deep kisses and hugs. Second, their adorable son looking so incredibly sad. Seeing him did pull at my black heart-strings for a split second, then snapping out of it. He saw me, I waved, he waved back with a cute, little crocked smile. While they were moving in, I took my dog for a walk in hopes to meet them. My dog and I start walking towards their front driveway. The mother was pulling shit out of the truck.  At the same time the young boy ran up to her asking a question. When noticing me, he stopped in his tracks, eyes widened, mouth open.

He was the cutest, sandy blond hair, bright blue eyes and the reddest of lips.

Immediately making my heart beat a little faster and my mind race with obscene thoughts. The mother was extremely pleasant, the father came out introducing himself, he seemed like a goober. Her name is Sabrina, dad’s Peter and my sweet new neighbor boy’s name is Brian. All in all they seemed like a nice family. Yet, all I could think about is Brian. Unfortunately, Brian got the flu within days of moving in to their new home. However, mom and dad worked a lot, needing some help looking after their son. Not only did I offer to help, but also invited him to stay with me while they were working. Brian was fed plenty of fluids and chicken soup. Looking much better, as he said, feeling a lot better too.

Meanwhile, the immoral mommy seducing this young man was the only thoughts running through my wicked head.

This sweet boy wanted to thank me for keeping an eye on him by taking me to a nice restaurant. Therefore asking his mother if this was okay, she immediately agreed. Again, noticing they gave their son very little time, he seemed so lonely and sad. However, when he learned of our brunch date, his beautiful eyes lit up and this huge smile planted his face. Meanwhile, deviant scenarios continued to rush through my body. Fuck it, they don’t pay any mind to him, so I will. Sabrina and Peter to me they will be working all day Sunday,. Obviously a perfect time for us to spend some time together.

Brian came over, dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, a white button up shirt, and dark blue tie.

He looked adorable, and was so incredibly charming, looking extremely excited for our brunch date. We had a wonderful meal, with great conversation. But we were both ready to do some swimming in my pool. With this in mind, we bailed and I drove us back home. Immediately changing to our swim suits, meeting out back on the porch swing. While at brunch he asked me what I did for work, ahh shit, do I tell him or not? Normally I wouldn’t tell a child what I do, but with him, I couldn’t help myself. Explaining to him what I did was a trip, his facial expressions gave his excitement away. In addition, I noticed his pecker growing in his thin swim trunks. Not only were his trunks growing, but also wet!

 Immoral mommy seducing this young man was happening, right in front of me!

There was no question that I had him hard and turned on. My next question was, can you cum without touching yourself? He blushed, nodding his head. Explaining to Brian, there is nothing wrong with what just happened. In fact, my corrupted mind had to see for myself. I asked him if he would show me, his cheeks blushing again. I was wearing a shimmery red string bikini, telling him, I’ll strip if you do. As soon as saying this, he dropped his pants, exposing his nice thick 6″ cock. Oh my, I was dripping wet, just waiting to watch him cum for me. I began dancing around him, rubbing my hands up and down my legs, ass & big tits. Then pulling the strings on my bikini top, showing off my hard nipples.

But as soon as I pulled the strings on each side of my bikini bottoms, that’s all it took.

His fully erect penis shot out a long rope of milky young boy cum! Some of his jizz splattering on my thigh. I swipped it off, licking it sucking him off of my finger. Afterwards, wipping more off my thigh, telling him to open his mouth. He did, I rolled my finger over his sexy red lips, then onto his tongue. Mmmm, is the sound that came out of his mouth. Immoral mommy seducing my new young friend was incredibly hot…and this story is far from over!

Check out the rest of our sexy Sunday in my next weeks story.

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