In the middle of my daddy’s wedding ceremony, his new wife shot me the look of death.

Nothing scared me, but the glare she threw my way, told me to watch my fucking back. At first, I thought she was pretty at 5’6″, shoulder length blonde hair, and ocean blue eyes. She worked out daily, had beautiful big tits and a tight ass like mine. Daddy and I had been single for over 11 years, since mommy’s drug overdose. We had a “special relationship”, due to the loss of her. That’s what daddy would say while we lay naked in his big king bed. I loved the feel of his 6’4″ naked body pressed against my little 5’4″ self. I lived a perfect life before this evil cunt came into the picture. But, shit changed really fast after Monique entered our home. However, who would have thought she’d drugged beat forced sex upon me.

I had no other choice than to masturbate since Daddy stopped fucking me.

That sneaky fucking whore was spying on me. Watching as I masturbated on my belly, fingers knuckle deep inside of my tight wet pussy. Grinding down with force, in the hopes of having an incredible orgasm. My naked body was shaking as I moaned loudly, my starving cunt about to orgasm. When I hear Monique’s high pitch squeal, scream, “YOU SKANKY FUCKING SLUT, STOP THAT LEXI!” Needless to say, I was mortified, yet my pussy was spraying all over my sheets. Exposing the evidence of a slutty teenage pussy, I yelled at her to get the fuck out of my room. She left, as I ran to the bathroom to grab my robe, she returned again with a surprise.


All of a sudden, I feel my new stepmom’s hard rubber dick slap over my face hard. Back and forth from each cheek before stabbing the plastic cock into my eyeballs. Holy hell, I tried fighting back, but she immediately grabbed my arms behind my back. I felt cold metal gripping my wrists, she cuffed me. Monique threw me down on the bed, yelling at the top of her lungs, ARE YOU MISSING DADDY’S BIG DICK BITCH? Shocked, not knowing she knew of me and daddy playing with each other.  I cried, no, you’re fucking crazy, you don’t know what you’re talking about. By this time, I knew life as I knew it was done.

Drugged beat forced sex…

As I tried fighting her off my naked body, she pulled out a syringe. In a deep voice Monique growled, “fucking twat, you give me no choice!” I watched her stab the needle into my plump ass cheek, releasing a cold fluid into my body. Freaked the fuck out, my vision started to blur, my words were slowing down and extremely deep. I couldn’t move, feeling this euphoric feeling. Monique tossed me back on my belly, slamming my face into the mattress. She spread my legs apart, spanking my ass and wet pussy with her 10″ cock. Will this remind you of your precious daddy’s dick bitch, she asked. Crying in fear, I feel her hard dildo slam into my wet pussy.

Monique tells me, “Daddy doesn’t want your skanky pussy no more bitch, he’s all mine!”

She continued to rape my pussy deep with her hard cock. By this time, so confused, why has she drugged, beat, forced sex upon me? As much as it hurt, my pussy was about to orgasm. Trying to stop this from happening only turned me on more, making my teen cunt cum all over her dildo. A wicked laugh came from her mouth, before whispering in my ear, you’re a dumb fucking whore Lexi. Then feeling her pull the dick out of my pussy, only to aggressively shove it between my ass cheeks. I started to whisper “No, Please” she mocked me while hammering that big, thick dick into my tight butt hole.

I cried in pain as Monique violated my asshole, which only pissed her off more.

She grabbed a hold of my hair, pulling my head back. Whipping the dick out of my shithole, slapping it across my face a couple of times. This horrid bitch then tries stuffing it in my mouth. I could taste my ass all over the rubber dick, which made me gag. She saw the opportunity to force it down my throat. Pleading for her to stop, while my mouth was full of dick. All of a sudden, I felt sensation back in my muscles, they began to twitch. I flipped on my back, kicking her hard in the chest, knocking the crazy bitch down. My wrists were still bound as I tried jumping off the bed, screaming bloody murder. That wicked woman pulled out another syringe, quickly stabbing my ass again. This time I faded to black immediately…drugged beat forced sex.

When I woke, my hands were free to pull out the dildo that sadistic cunt shoved up my asshole.

Feeling humiliated and pissed the fuck off. Who’s this psycho bitch think she is to have drugged beat forced sex on me? I packed a bag of clothes, grabbed the cash daddy had stashed and left. He was in New York for a week-long business meeting, that’s where I was headed. Daddy will divorce her as soon as he finds out she drugged beat forced sex upon me. I’ll make damn sure of it. At 9 am, I was on a Greyhound bus, running away to New York City.

Lexi’s bruised ego has nothing on what’s about to happen during her bus ride up north.


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