I was 18 years old, living alone in Miami Beach, Florida, next to a kinky old man named Bob.

He was a tall, slender man at 6′, 175 pounds, blonde hair, thin mustache and goatee. He was 50 years old, lost his wife to his best friend 10 years prior. Bob was still extremely bitter about the loss of his wife and best friend. As a result, made him aggressive as fuck with the ladies. He would visit me daily to shoot the shit, swim or help around the yard. Whenever I threw a party or BBQ, Bob was there, hanging out with teen perverted minds. In other words, Bob and I became great friends in time. But that didn’t stop the vulgar sexual innuendos from flying out of his filthy mouth.Bob was a handsome man with a great personality, but I didn’t want to fuck him…didn’t need to. If I wanted to fuck you I would and Bob knew he was out of my league.

With that said, Bob thought the more he pushed his sexual advances, I would cave in and fuck him.

However, this never happened. This man had a huge ass fetish, always slapping and pinching my ass. Telling me he would eat me clean before fucking my shitter hard. Oh how this man wanted my tight ass wrapped around his dick. In the meantime his comments grew more perverse, trying to feel me up, brushing into my tits. He was out of control, hence driving me fucking crazy! I’d slap his hand, kick him out while yelling he had to stop or that would be it for our friendship. Surprisingly, he calmed down for a couple weeks, that was until my high school girlfriend came to stay for the summer.

Katie was a gorgeous 19 year old blonde, with big tits and a sexy bubble butt.

When Bob met her, he was on his best behavior and I was hopeful he wouldn’t make an ass out of himself. Then again, this was Bob! One day Katie, Bob and myself were sitting by the pool, drinking and smoking some weed while enjoying the sunshine. Bob proceeded to tell us his fantasy of being with 2 horny teens. He wanted them on their hands and knees while taking turns eating and fucking ass. Regardless, we just laughed him off, as I always did. Explaining to Bob “your cock will never tag team our assholes, not even in your wildest dream”. However, with all that said, he didn’t seem to hear us. We all jumped into the pool to cool off when Bob started swimming under water to grab our ass while aggresively trying to poke his finger in our buttholes.

Katie and my teen perverted minds were livid with his rude, drunking behavior.

Therefore pulling him out of the swimming pool yelling at him to go the fuck home. Afterwards, Katie and I smoked a joint as we talked about Bob’s crazy perversions. But what our high minds came up with was fucking priceless. He showed up the next morning to apologize for his sexual antics, offering to make us dinner that evening. We agreed, on the terms of him cooking at my house.  As soon as Bob showed up to cook, Katie handed him a cocktail. 20 minutes later, he was passed out cold! Our teen-perverted minds had something special in mind for my sex-crazed neighbor. We stripped him naked, replacing his clothes with a pink teddy matching stockings, a garter and crotchless panties. After dressing his unconscious body, we wrapped rope around him, hog tieing his ass!

Our teen perverted minds were feeling incredibly giddy, at the same time, very fucking powerful.

Katie and I began to apply foundation, mascara and some bright red lipstick before topping him off with a red headed wig. Holy hell, that had Katie and I rolling, laughing our fucking asses off. We slapped him a few times across his face trying to wake him. When he did come back to life, he was completely perplexed. By this time, our teen perverted minds had strap on hanging between our legs. I yelled at him, “alright fucker, I’ve given you too many warnings and threats to stop your bullshit sexual advances”. Now it’s your turn to see how it feels.

Bob was moaning with a gag ball in his mouth, as I asked “are you ready for some ass play Bob?”

His eyes widened, trying to plead, yet knowing he has no fucking hope. I slapped my rubber dick across his ass while Katie did the same over his face. We both inserted our dicks into his 2 fuckholes simultaneously. Hearing a muffled groan from him, we started thrusting our strap ons, fucking my vulgar neighbor with no mercy. Yelling obscenities  like, “You fucking whore, suck my goddamn dick like you need it” and “Oh Bobby, you’re a nasty whore, take my cock up your shithole bitch”. Haha, I can still see that crazy bastard laying on his side getting fucked by 2 teen perverted minds. To say Bob stopped his sexual aggressions with us is an understatement. Beware of who you’re fucking with…you never know the thoughts of teenage perverse minds!

I’m a little older now, with a nastier mind and mouth to match.

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