Janet Spills her Cousin Sex Stories

I’m not sure if you remember my friend Janet-she’s a dog fucker-turns out, she’s also a cousin fucker! She told me some of her cousin sex stories and said I can write about them!

So Janet’s first cousin is SMOKING hot. I mentioned that to her when I was looking through one of her photo albums. Then she started telling me exactly how hot her cousin was.

So this cousin, we’ll call him Brad for privacy sake, lived pretty close to her.  They were pretty close all throughout their childhood, but when they hit their teens, they really got close!

She was on her back porch one night in just her thin little nightgown, her hard nipples raising the fabric. Her cousin, it turned out, was on his own back porch, watching her, stroking his cock. She didn’t know it, but her nightgown was basically see through the way the light was hitting her and she was wearing nothing underneath.

She heard a noise and realized it was her cousin walking over. Smiling, she said hi, but then she noticed his raging boner tenting his shorts.  He told her he had been watching her and couldn’t stay away anymore, he had to have her.

They had sex right there on her porch that first time. She lifted her nightgown up and he fucked her against the porch railing. They kept their moaning low, she said she could hear her pussy juices over her own moans.

He came inside her that first time, even though she wasn’t on anything to prevent pregnancy.  That has now become a bit of a fetish for her and it’s her preferred way to fuck. All thanks to her cousin sex stories…


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