Crazy Sex Stories: Janet really took it doggy-style!

My friend Janet is a slut. She has the best crazy sex stories because she will fuck anyone. Now I know she’ll actually fuck anything!

A few weeks ago she came over to my house and my neighbor’s dog wouldn’t stop barking-he does that sometimes, it usually isn’t too bad but this day he wouldn’t stop.  Janet decided she was going to climb the fence and see what was wrong with him. This is the story she told me later.


Janet Comes Clean About What a Dirty Slut She Is


So I hopped over the fence and went over to the shed where the dog lives. I opened the door and Jared was in there (neighbor and dog owner), which surprised me.  He seemed pretty surprised, too as his pants were around his ankles and he was standing behind the dog.

“What exactly is going on in here?” I asked him.

“Uhh…” He looked down, his face getting red, though I noticed his cock stayed nice and hard.

“Were you going to fuck your dog? Is that why he’s been barking for an hour?”

“Yes, but he’s not barking because he doesn’t like it, he’s barking because he won’t stay still and I have to hold him in place”

“If you have to hold him in place, he doesn’t like it,” I said. “Come here, Jake” The dog came over to me and nuzzled into me.  “Are you just curious what it’s like to fuck a dog? Or what is your reason here?”

“I don’t know, it kind of turns me on thinking of a dog fucking a person, I guess,” he said and started to pull his pants up.

The dog nuzzled his nose under my skirt and that is the moment I realized I wasn’t wearing panties!  He started to lick at my pussy and I couldn’t believe how good it felt.  I looked up and saw Jared watching intently and stroking his cock.  Laughing, I pulled up my skirt so he could get a better view and said  “Well I guess we figured out a way that works for everyone”

It wasn’t long before the wet tongue made me cum and I wanted to see if we could get the dog to fuck me. I mean, at that point, might as well go all in, right?  So I got down on all fours, my skirt pulled up over my waist and Jake came over sniffing around and licked me from behind some more.  Then he climbed on top of me, his arms holding onto my waist and I felt his slimy cock slide along my thigh until it found my pussy.

He started pumping away and Jared walked in front of me and shoved his cock into my mouth.  I loved being in the middle, both ends being pumped full of cock.  Jake’s paws held on to me tighter as he pumped faster, which I assumed meant he was going to cum.  That made Jared pump faster, too, he was so turned on by Jake fucking me.

Both of them came at almost the same time.

Jake’s load was way bigger than I would have expected and his hot, sticky cum covered my thighs as it spilled out of my pussy.  Jared decided he wanted his cum all over me, too and came all over my face.

You can cum on your own face, too, when you suck your own cock!



Janet has the best crazy sex stories. I’d love to share some more with you!

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