He has a fart fetish, what now?

I made a new friend recently named Frank. Frank has a fart fetish.  We’re going to play for the first time tonight and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with that!  I’ve been looking up information on the fetish and I think I’m supposed to fart in his face!

So I have been thinking about how it will go tonight. First, he’s going to come in and I’m going to lead him to my room. Then we’re going to make out on my bed, roll around a bit, you know, get us both going.

Once we’re both getting excited, he’s going to slide my pants down and throw them on the floor. Then he’s going to flip me over and smell my ass through my panties. I’m not going to shower and I went to the gym today, so he’ll get a nice dirty ass to sniff.

After he gets his fill of what my ass smells like, he’s going to pull my panties down and spread my ass wide so he can lick my dirty hole.  All that stimulation is going to make me have to fart, I think, and he’s going to keep my ass spread wide so he can get as much of it as he can.

Then I’m going to fart long and loud right into his face, into his open mouth, up his nose.  He is going to get so excited then, that he is going to take his rock hard cock and shove it into my wet little pussy and fuck me hard until he cums.

At least, that’s what I hope happens! Wish me luck, lovvies! Looking for more crazy fetish stories? Enjoy!



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