Embarrassing sex stories with a happy ending.

Embarrassing sex stories don’t always end horribly. While hanging out at one of my favorite bars with my girls I met Gerald. At 6’4 with golden brown skin and green eyes, he was sex on legs. From the moment he walked into the bar, I knew I wanted to fuck him. When I set my sights of a taste of Gerald’s cock, I never dreamed that the night would end in one of the most embarrassing sex stories of my life.

After a few drinks and some heavy flirting, I invited Gerald back to my place. Back at my place, Gerald and I didn’t waste any time. As soon as the door was closed I was on my knees and pulling out Gerald’s beautiful fat cock. After getting him hard with a blowjob, Gerald and I headed straight to my bedroom. I loved how Gerald’s big hands massaged my tits as he pinched my nipples. Gerald pulled down my panties and laid me back on the bed. He went to work licking my clit as his big fingers spread my pussy open. I arched my back and moaned as Gerald’s nimble fingers found my G-spot.

Being finger fucked by Gerald quickly brought me to the brink of orgasm.

I raised my hips to Gerald’s mouth and opened my pussy wider. I wanted him to devour every ounce of my dripping snatch. When I came, I came hard. My pussy squirted and my juices flew into Gerald’s mouth and onto his face. As the shock waves of orgasm racked my body, a massive fart made its way out of my ass.

I was mortified. Never in my life have I had a fart during sex. Let alone had a fart in a man’s face while he was going down on me. My body went red with embarrassment as I tried to think of something to say. I expected Gerald to get dressed and leave totally disgusted by having a woman fart in his face. I tried to think of something to say during what was rapidly turning into the most embarrassing sex stories of my life. As I sat up to apologize for farting in his face, Gerald pushed me back down on the bed and began rimming my asshole as he fingered my cunt.

To my surprise, Gerald confessed that he loved the smell of a woman’s farts and loved rimming ass almost more than eating pussy.

Seeking out my G-spot again Gerald brought me back to the edge of orgasm again as he licked my ass. In between tongue fucking and rimming my ass, Gerald begged me to fart in his face again.  I couldn’t believe that what should have been one of my most embarrassing sex stories was quickly turning into one of my best sexual adventures. While farting during sex is still embarrassing, I’m glad that this particular embarrassing sex story had a very happy ending.

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