Do you want to hear some of my naughty cousin sex stories?

I have some really juicy cousin sex stories that I would love to share with you! It might be wrong to fuck your cousin but when they’re as hot as mine is who could blame me? It all started out when I went to stay with my cousin’s family for the summer. My parents wanted me to get to experience what it was like to live out in the country. City life can be pretty crazy sometimes and they thought I would have fun riding the horses over the summer.

Of course, I rode a whole lot more than just horses that summer *giggles*. My cousin was five years older than me and it was a really hot summer. So we ended up running around half-dressed for most of it. The farm was so big that it’s no wonder I ended up with so many naughty cousin sex stories. The first one happened in the stables. I was bent over reaching into one of the stalls to pet a horse when I felt someone grab my ass. When I turned around to see who it was I couldn’t help but notice the big bulge in the front of my cousin’s pants.

Instinct just sort of took over and I reached up to squeeze it with my soft young hand.

Once he started moaning and twitching against my hand I just had to take him out to play with him. I slid his zipper down and I was fascinated by the feel and the size of his cock. Before I realized what was happening my soft pouty pink lips were wrapped around his cock sucking away. It was the best thing ever! I just loved the way that he stretched my mouth open and the yummy taste of his pre-cum dripping onto my tongue. Before long he was exploding into the back of my throat and giving me a nice big mouthful of cum. That was just the first of many hot sex sessions we had together that summer.

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