I knew from the way my boyfriend was swerving across the road that we would be stopped sooner or later but that didn’t stop me from taking his ENTIRE cock down my throat. He loved when I would be kinky like that. He said I was the sexiest girlfriend he ever had. I was just about to take his dick and balls in down my throat. When the police sirens turned on and we were pulled over.

I popped my head up just in time to see the cop walking up alongside the driver side of the car. He was tall and very handsome. He had dark shades on and a patrolman hat but there was something about his swag that mad my pussy twitch. When he got to the window I was wiping my mouth and giggling. He HAD to have known what I was doing. My boyfriend apologized for his erratic driving and promised to be more focused on the road but that wasn’t enough for the officer.

He wanted to know why my boyfriend had been driving so recklessly. And he wanted THE TRUTH. My boyfriend told him that I had been giving him the best blow job of his life right before we were pulled over. The officer said he understood and told us to follow him in our car. He drove a little bit down the highway and the veared off onto a dirt road that lead into the woods. The officer stopped his car and told us to get out with him.

When we obeyed he told me to get on my knees and show him exactly what I did to my boyfriend while he was driving. My boyfriend tried to say something but the officer told him to shut the fuck up. He told him that if he didn’t want to get a ticket or get taken to jail that he would “shut his fucking his mouth” and do what he said. I thought it was hot that he was demanding us to obey him. So I dropped to my knees with the quickness.

My boyfriend stayed limp for a while because he just couldn’t get with the cop staring at us. But as I started to suck and gag on his cock he held the back of my head and forced me down on it like he did whenever he was really feeling horny and pleased. I heard he cops pants when they were unzipped. The cop was stroking his cock while he watched me take my boyfriend in my mouth. My boyfriend had started to fuck my face really slowly. I loved when he did that! The officer was moaning as he stroked his rod. The sloppier I got with my boyfriends cock in my mouth the harder the cops hand job would get.

Then he said, “Fuck her. If you don’t want me to take you to jail, you will fuck her…NOW! He told me to raise up my skirt and put my hands on the hood of the car. He told my boyfriend to pull my panties to the side and shove his cock into my waiting pussy. My pussy sucked my boyfriends dick deep inside of it. I let out a loud moan as my boyfriend started to fuck me harder and harder in front of the officer. The officer’s cock was rock hard now. He was leaning on his cruiser enjoying the show.

He instructed my boyfriend to cum inside of my pussy or he would take him in for booking. My boyfriend’s warm cum flowed freely into my pussy and started to stream down my right leg. This really turned the officer on and he walked over to me with his dick in his hand and sprayed his cum all over my face. I could tell my boyfriend was turned on because he continued to fuck me even after he came. Squeezing and rubbing my ass as the officer’s cock spilled cum all over my face.

At the end of it all he just gave my boyfriend a warning and told him he was lucky because any other officer would have given him a citation.

“Your hot girlfriend saved you. If it wasn’t for her I would have definitely given you a ticket. You folks have a nice evening.”

And just like that it was over.

My pussy still gets nice and juicy whenever I tell anybody that story. Give me a call and let’s get horny together. I have plenty of other stories that I would just love to share with you!



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