Has your daddy ever made you a delicious dessert by cooking with cum? No?  I didn’t think so.  Jessica’s dad did after learning what a dirty cum slut she was. After spending her freshman year at campus, Jessica moved back into her dad’s place.  It was a decent size bungalow and the commute to class wasn’t bad.  Jessica moved back in because she wanted to cut costs.

This did cause some issues, primarily her cum addiction.  After spending two semesters at frat parties and bars eating cum and ramen, she could not go back to the healthy eating lifestyle her dad kept.  Jim always said you should not have a dirty mouth. Jessica put that out of mind the moment she entered her dorm.

Jim went to work making his best cum slut cookie since his in-laws pissed him off.

After realizing that his daughter was spending late nights out, Jim decided to wait up for her. At 1 AM he finally had his answer.  She was not eating much at home these days, but he was expecting pizza and nachos, not nuts!

Pretending that he didn’t notice the cum butter in her hair, he casually asked if she was hungry, but Jessica stated that she was just sleepy.  That was all Jim needed to know.  She was a complete cum slut.  Deciding that if she was going to be a dirty girl he was going to shove his two cents in was not difficult.  If she was addicted to cum then she would get cum.

The girls begged for his secret ingredient.

As the week went on he started suspecting her friends were nasty little cum whores, too! When he asked her what she would want for her birthday that weekend, she said she was having some gal pals over and would love it if he made cookies.

Jim went to work making his best cum slut cookie since his in-laws pissed him off.  Never did he think that was how he would punish his own daughter, but he admitted to himself that it was rather hot.

When the girls came over Jim had them hang out in the living room while he was doing finishing touches to his semen frosting.  This was possibly the best meal he made cooking with cum to date!  Looking over his platter with pride, he picked it up and set it on the living room coffee table.

Daddy was cooking with cum!

He didn’t have to eat any himself, because everyone there knew that what drove him to eat healthily was diabetes.  Jim would be able to sit back and watch the girls dig into that batch of cum slut cookies.  He could barely suppress a smirk seeing Dusty, the MILF’s daughter from across the street, get his sticky cum frosting on her pretty phone sex lips.

The girls begged for his secret ingredient.  Knowing that they could never get any of his cum butter at the store, he just replied that he used to love and patience.  Did he take this a little too far?  It was possible as he was known for fits of irrational behavior.  Jim knew that likely he had crossed a line, yet deep down the whole thing had thrilled him.  After taking a boatload of compliments, Jim retired to his office to work on his next cum butter confection. Who knew cooking with cum could be such a thrill!

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