A little fingering can go a long way.

A girl sometimes forgets that she needs to put in a little self-love to keep herself happy. I always recommend it to my girlfriends, especially this time of year.  Well, my friend Shadow took my advice last year and let me in on all of the juicy details.

Shadow was worn out from work and her boyfriend Greg was sweet, but he was not hitting all of the spots.  Because of this, she found herself cleaning, cooking, and overall trying to distract herself from the lack of love.  I mentioned many times to her that she needed to take a little self-love vacation.  She used to shrug it off because she had the kids, and Greg was a supportive guy.  Well, finally, after a breakdown at my house, I had gotten her to commit to trying it.

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I told her to do things that she wanted to do and make her feel beautiful.  She booked a room at an expensive resort that she had wanted to go to for years.  But once she got there, she was faced with something new.  What did she want to do?  Looking at herself in the mirror, she realized that it was time for a change.  Self-love could mean all sorts of things, and she would try and hit all the bases. She had three days to do it, after all.

“Much to her surprise she was wetter than she thought.”

The Shadow that left the room and the one who returned two hours later felt vastly different.  She got her hair done, a whole new outfit, and found herself feeling sex enough to go out and drink.  The issue?  Well, the resort bar was amazing, but in truth, she had found no man that she wanted to fuck.  Getting hit on left and right made her horny, and gosh, did she feel beautiful, but she found no one to satisfy her end goal.

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That’s when she met Erika, a bubbly MILF working at the hotel spa.  You know the type: bottle blonde, fake tan, and pretty eyes with a set of crow’s feet.  After working on Shadow for one hour and trying to relieve the tension in her shoulders and neck, Erika was very obvious that it was not a back massage that she was needing.  No.  She needed some very literal self-love.

Erika pulled out an Amethyst dildo from behind the spa counter.  “Normally, I charge these babies $80 a pop.  But you just paid for a massage that you really didn’t need, so let’s call it even.”  Shadow accepted the gift but felt uneasy.  Was fingering herself really the answer?  After all, she was pretty sure that the answer was a stress-free environment.  But here she was, and she did not have a clue what more could be done than a resort weekend.

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Dropping her dress to the floor when she entered her room, she trotted over to the bed and sat down.  She pulled the toy out of her purse and ran her fingers up to the smooth surface.  If this wasn’t the answer, then at least she got a free item.  She laid back on the bed and shimmied her lace panties off.  Slowly rubbing the wand against her lips, she peeled back the hood of the clit and ran a finger over it.  Much to her surprise, she was wetter than she thought.  Holding the edges of her soaking pussy open, she slid the wand back and forth into her cunt.

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Moaning, she rocked her body to meet the toy partway.  Her body was telling her exactly what she needed.  What she needed was self-love.  That could mean basic things like spa days and manicures, but today it was a good old-fashioned fingering. The wand rolled to the other side of the bed as she pressed two fingers into her pussy.  She was so starved for an orgasm that her pussy was basically eating her fingers.  Would release truly bring her to her center?  Shadow wasn’t sure, but she was dang happy about the process.

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