When I was working part time in an insurance office, I was amazed at how incredibly dirty my middle aged female co-workers were.   They told dirty jokes all day long, talked about their sex lives quite openly and would circulate crude email jokes.  I thought it was a fun atmosphere and obviously I took no offense to it.

Their favorite target was the UPS delivery man.  They would tease him about his tight shorts or joke about his “package”.  He was a good sport and usually had a few clever comebacks to give the ladies.

When the office was upgrading their computer system, the owner brought in his nephew to do the technical work.   Henry was the typical computer geek:  tall and thin, very introverted, thick glasses, bad clothes.  He sat in the corner and quietly worked on the computer all day.  Some of the ladies tried to cajole him into joining us at lunch for some “girl talk” but he politely declined and ate his lunch at his desk.

After two months, the project was done.  It was a Friday afternoon and Henry came over to the main bullpen where most of us sat and cleared his throat awkwardly.  “It was nice working with you all.” he said and his face immediately turned beet red.

Maggie, the office manager burst out laughing. “That’s the first time I’ve ever heard your voice, kid.” she said teasingly.  “It’s too bad you’re leaving without us even getting to know you.” He nodded and looked around the room nervously.  There were 5 very attractive MILF types and myself and we we were all smiling and staring at him.

Suddenly, Joannie gasped and pointed at his crotch before she could stop herself.  “He’s growing!” she blurted.  We all looked at where she was pointing.  It was true, there was a bulge in his pants and it was so big that for a second I thought he must have put a cucumber in his pants as a joke.

Nobody spoke for a minute then Maggie took charge, as always.  She walked over to Henry and rubbed his crotch with her hand.  He moaned and looked down at her greedy hand, which was wildly squeezing and massaging him through his pants.  Before he even knew what was going on, his cock was out of his pants and Maggie was on her knees, holding his huge shaft in her hands and rubbing her face against it.  She wrapped her lips around it and started sucking it, moving her head back and forth in quick, hard thrusts.

No one made a sound and I looked around at the other ladies.  Their faces revealed how much they wanted to get that stiff meat stick in their mouths too.  One of them actually licked her lips. Henry was most certainly a virgin and it didn’t take long for him to shoot a fresh load of milky cream all over Maggie’s face.

The rest of us burst into spontaneous applause, celebrating his magnificent orgasm, as he hurriedly tucked his peter back into his pants and made a hasty exit out of the office. Maggie proudly snapped a selfie of herself, face dripping with thick gooey spooge.

Every time we had a male visitor in our office, I held my breath waiting and hoping for Maggie the cougar to pounce!

Haven’t you ever fantasized about a wild cougar making a meal out of you?  Or how about some dirty office play time?  Call me, let’s clock in and have some nasty fun!


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