I practically majored in sex while in college and I thought that my crazy college days were over after graduation. Little did I know that I would have some hot College Sex Stories for you well after I graduated! Since my divorce, I have had a blast experimenting with sex toys, transsexuals, and sex on the beach…just to name a few! I was a total party girl in college but I didn’t have my first experience with Lesbian Sex until recently.

My birthday was just a few days ago and my girlfriends from college planned a weekend full of debauchery! We spent Saturday afternoon drinking mimosas, getting manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages. After our massages, we showered together before getting into the hot tub. After drinking way too many mimosas and pampering ourselves, I was definitely in the mood to have some fun!

Warning: College Sex Stories Are Hot!

Watching my girlfriends soap themselves up in the shower made me so horny. Brandy was standing to my left and she has the most amazing set of tits that I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t stop staring at her tits, eager to know how they would feel in my hands. Feeling brave, I looked seductively into her eyes as I massaged soap onto her tits. I pinched her hard nipples between my fingers as I softly kissed her neck. I felt two fingers slide into my pussy from behind me, I looked back and I saw Natalie biting her bottom lip with a look of lust in her eyes. She was ready to play some naughty sex games and I could tell.

As I turned to face Brandy and I noticed two of my other girlfriends, Trista and Heather. Trista had Heather bent over, licking her pussy to her asshole, Heather’s legs were shaking with excitement. Sucking on Brandy’s nipples while Natalie fucked my pussy with her fingers moaning out loud once I realized another new startling detail. Suddenly I felt a cock fill my pussy and I was having sex with a transsexual. I couldn’t believe it. One of my housemates had been sporting such a beautiful woody. Groaning out for more me and the gals fucked all night long.

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