When the boys are away, the hot college girls will play.

Hot college girls don’t care if there’s enough dick to go around. Having guys around is only a plus! With all those frat parties and crazy club nights to fill their need for being dirty, it’s a miracle that they still go back to their dorms to play even more! But that’s what we do.. and it’s what we’ll always do. Whenever they get bored in their dorms with nothing to do, the fun starts. After all, when your sexy friends are strutting their stuff around the dorms, half-naked.. How could you resist? I used to walk around the dorms in short shorts and tank tops all the time! I loved showing off for everyone to see – specially the other girls. Sometimes it was for competition, sometimes it was just to get someone’s attention.

After all, girls love girls – even if they’re straight!

The fun in being stuck in the dorms is that you’re surrounded by other people your age. You know what that translates into? A lot of wild, raunchy sex. Some of the fun had to do with sneaking in boys and having them stay overnight, out of sight of the RA. The rest of the fun was to be had among the girls. Sleepovers, and the classic scenes of pillow fights in lingerie.. Well, I’d call them just a stereotype, but they weren’t always false! Some of my friends were bisexual, and they loved playing with each other. Living in the dorms with them just meant that they would spend nearly all their time making out or fingering each other in some way.. Toys? Toys were everywhere. You were never more than five feet from a vibrator. But there are a lot more stories to tell about my crazy college friends.. that just wouldn’t all fit here. 😉

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